Resident Evil Infinite Darkness ending explained: Are Wilson and Jason dead or alive?

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness: Infinite Darkness is a new CGI anime series now streaming on Netflix. It is based on CAPCOM’s video game franchise ‘Resident Evil’ and has a canon storyline, set between Resident Evil 4 and 5.

After the events of Resident Evil 4, which sees Leon S. Kennedy save the Unites States President’s daughter, he is tasked with investigating a hacking incident at the White House.

But the zombie outbreak reaches the White House itself, and the press secretary is turned into a zombie himself. Defense Secretary Wilson blames China for the outbreak and attempts to instigate action against the nation.

Another character from Resident Evil 4, Claire Redfield, who is working for an NGO, is investigating incidents in Penamstan, a fictional South Asia country sharing its border with China.

And with the shady character of Jason, also called the ‘Hero of Penamstan’, things aren’t quite adding up.

Leon’s investigation reveals that Jason and Shen May are actually trying to expose the conspiracy by some in the US government for creating bioweapons.

What is the truth behind Jason? Who is to blame for the outbreak? The finale reveals all.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness ending explained in detail (Episode 4 recap):

Wilson’s grand plan

As the President is about to speak against China, Patrick gets a call from Leon, informing him that Wilson is the mastermind behind the outbreak and the Us’ stance against China.

Wilson has captured Claire at the underground facility where he develops his bioweapons, and offers to build schools and hospitals in Penamstan if she agrees to drop her investigation.

He reveals his full plan. After the President speaks against China, the US military will occupy Penamstan and station bioweapons created by Wilson.

Once the Penamstan military includes bioweapons into their own arsenal, the market for the inhibitor will open up, a drug that keeps the bioweapons in check.

The bioweapon soldiers do not die and can fight longer and harder as long as they take their regular doses of the inhibitor.

Jason’s transformation

Jason, who was previously shown to have been killed by Leon, turns out to be alive, as he is a bioweapon himself. He shows up at the underground facility.

Wilson greets him, but Jason is hostile and strangles him instead. When Wilson says he needs the inhibitor or he’ll turn, Jason says he doesn’t need the drug anymore, proceeding to apparently kill him after transforming into a large green monster.

The facility’s defence mechanism activates and it starts to sterilize the place and dispose of all the stored bioweapons.

As Leon and Shen May reach the facility, Jason tells them that he’ll show his transformation to the world to incite fear and terror, and prevent anybody else from suffering his fate.

Shen May tries to calm him down, intending not to let him die since he saved her brother Jun See earlier, but he replies that he’s already dead and kills her as well.

Claire gets rid of the tapes used to bind her and Leon manages to save her. But the President’s speech is still on course. Patrick informs him of the truth and he changes his speech, opting not to speak against China and preventing unrest.

Leon battles Jason in the underground facility. He blows off one of his arms but Jason captures him. Instead of finishing him off, Jason rambles further about fear and terror, and lets go of Leon.

Leon unhinges the part of the facility they’re on and Jason falls into the sterilizing agent filling much of the area.

His top half survives. He tells Leon that it doesn’t end here and Leon will be the one to help spread the fear, since he’s witness to it. The top half also ends up falling into the agent and corrodes.


Patrick tells Leon that he’s a hero, and his actions have saved many lives as well as help the President decide the country’s course for years to come.

Wilson is confirmed to be alive and has become a bioweapon himself. He uses an inhibitor on himself, which turns out to be created by Tricell, a pharmaceutical company that plays its part in Resident Evil 5.

Claire asks Leon for the chip that has the evidence to reveal the US government’s conspiracy. But he refuses to let her have it, since it would tarnish the country’s reputation and instil fear in citizens.

Leon vows to put an end to all the plans to create bioweapons. The last scene of the final episode sees him walk back towards The White House, implying that he puts his country first and is loyal agent.

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