OK Computer ending explained: Who is the real killer?

Directed by Pooja Shetty and Neil Pagedar, ‘Ok Computer’ is a sci-fi comedy streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The 6-part web series outlines the investigation of a mysterious murder involving a self-driving car, robots, and AI technology in the year 2031.

A cyber cell police officer Saajan Kundu (Vijay Varma), reaches the crime scene where a self-driving car has allegedly killed a pedestrian. Laxmi Puri (Radhika Apte), the owner of a firm responsible for robots’ ethical use, argues that the car got hacked by someone to commit the crime.

An FIR gets filed against the owner of the car company, CNX, who is missing for five years. When investigators try to search for him, they surprisingly find Ajeeb, a robot invented to save humankind. Saajan suspects Ajeeb is the killer and starts interrogating him.

Pushpak Shakur (Jackie Shroff), leader of an anti-technology cult, confesses that he is the killer. The police decide to close the case, but Saajan finds out that Pushpak is not the real murderer.

He catches Ajeeb talking with his inventor Satoshi (Rasika Dugal). An unconscious Pushpak Shakur gets placed in a chamber at the Mausoleum of Science.

Saajan and Ajeeb go into a virtual-reality game to find Satoshi, who reveals that CNX wanted to use Ajeeb for a bigger plan. Saajan concludes that CNX is the killer and decides to arrest him. But he gets trapped by ZIP’s powerful employees.

The police discover that the unknown dead body is CNX and close the case by declaring Ajeeb as the murderer again. The court announces the death penalty for the robot after Laxmi’s statement. But is Ajeeb the original killer?

Ok Computer’ ending explained in detail:

Ajeeb is innocent

In the finale episode of ‘OK Computer’, Laxmi finds out that Ajeeb tried to save CNX from the accident when the car was getting hacked through him. The police realise that he is innocent and run to save him. But they reach late after the punishment has already been served.

Saajan recalls another similar incident in history where he was responsible for an AI technology submarine’s destruction. He feels guilty for his wrong decisions.

Laxmi also realises her mistake and states herself responsible for the chaos. She cries over the ruins of Ajeeb and leaves in anguish. Different characters are interviewed where they share their opinions on the robot’s death.

The killer’s identity?

A robot called ‘Maushi’ collects Ajeeb’s ruins and rebuilds him. He returns to life and finds CNX’s hologram talking to him.

CNX confesses that he set up his own accident to prove an experiment. He shares his ideology of seeing Robo-sapiens creating their own civilisation in the future. And that he wanted Ajeeb to reconsider his faith in humankind after going through the ill-treatment.

He asks Ajeeb to take things into his control and build a future that CNX visualises. Ajeeb discloses his return to Saajan and his assistant. The officers acknowledge the truth behind the murder.

The non-cooperation movement

In ‘OK Computer’s’ final scene, Ajeeb joins the ZIP company in place of CNX. Before they can celebrate, all the robots of the company start refusing to work.

Robots all over the country decide to start a non-cooperation movement lead by Laxmi Puri. The power cuts out at all the places, and Pushpak Shakur comes out of the chamber.

Everyone at the ZIP company asks Ajeeb to take his next step when the robot concludes the last episode with an incomplete joke.

Season two for ‘OK Computer’ is yet not confirmed. The cliffhanger at the end leaves the viewers curious about what happens next.

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