NF symbol from Black Mirror season 6 explained

In the episode “Demon 79” from Black Mirror season 6, Nida’s front gate is vandalized with the symbol ‘NF’ in spray paint in what can be considered a minor threat.

Nida is an Indian immigrant living in Tipley in Northern England in 1979 and she works in the footwear section as a sales assistant at the general store Possetts.

One day while walking home, she notices two gruff-looking men hanging around near her gate and she rushes inside. The next morning, she sees that someone has spray painted the initials ‘NF’ on her gate.

When Len Fisher of the Tipley Police visits her, he comments on the graffiti in a sympathetic manner. So what exactly does ‘NF’ stand for in this instance?

A rising movement

In this scenario, ‘NF’ is a reference to the National Front which is a political party that was founded in the UK in 1967 and went through a peak of sorts in the 1970s.

The ideology of the National Front is rooted in fascism as they campaign against immigration and promote highly nationalistic and supremacist policies.

They are shown marching against the erstwhile government during a news report when Nida is watching television and those marches did take place during that era.

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The National Front regularly made their position known regarding progressive change

Michael Smart who campaigns as an MP for the Conservative Party criticizes the open nature of the National Front’s hatred and racism and says that it will alienate them quite easily.

The National Front still exists today with Tony Martin as the current leader of the party, although it has never had an elected representative in the British or European Parliament.

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