Millan’s dark past in Netflix’s Santo

Netflix’s Santo saw Officer Millan Miguel getting suspended over his connection with a drug dealer while trying to catch Santo. Millan’s dark past had a lot to do with this in the brand new Netflix series.

Millan Miguel tried to keep the investigation of drug dealer Cristobal Martinez to himself. He avoided telling anything to his partner Susi, who was taking note of this behavior.

Apparently, Millan knew Martinez and threatened every lead they found from spilling the beans. Millan’s business with Martinez was one thing that was hanging up above his head. The other was his dark past that made him walk this path.

The time Millan lost his partner

Two years ago, Millan and his partner Fidel were hunting down a rapist psychopath. The rapist gave Millan a run but his partner managed to catch him.

Fidel was quite a talker and claimed that divine justice will punish this psychopath for what he did. Millan wanted to smoke and had to step out of his vehicle, leaving Fidel alone with the psychopath.

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Chancing upon the situation, the rapist grabbed Fidel’s gun and shot him dead.

Millan's dark past in Netflix's Santo 1
Millan and his partner Fidel discuss how the psychopath will be punished

Shook by the incident, Millan didn’t know if he should kill that rapist or not. The rapist was not ready to give up and decided to kill himself with the gun he had in his hand while Millan kept watching in shock.

Millan kept looking for a way he could’ve avoided all of this and was forced to take therapy. When that didn’t work, he fell hard for drugs. The same drugs destroyed Millan’s professional and personal life.

In the hunt for the drugs, he tracked down the supplier who sold them, hoping to kill him, since those things destroyed his life. The supplier, on the other hand, had an offer for Millan, and that’s how Millan started working with criminals.

Millan’s business with Cristobal Martinez

Cristobal Martinez was one of the dealers for whom Millan worked. Millan kept him safe in exchange for money. Apart from that, he also had an affair with Martinez’s wife, Maria.

Cristobal and Maria’s son one day saw his mother kissing Millan. He told his father about it. A furious Cristobal along with his son left to kill Millan.

Millan's dark past in Netflix's Santo 2
Millan working for Cristobal Martinez

It was the same day the two men on motorcycles arrived and killed Cristobal while they took his son away.

Millan was safe from Martinez, but not from the authorities. He knew he will be placed under suspicion.

The authorities did find out about it when the owner of the rented motorcycles, used to kill Cristobal, revealed that Millan threatened him.

This is how Millan’s dark past got to him, which led to his suspension. Thus, leaving him on his own, to track down Santo towards the end of the series.

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