Lucifer Season 5 Part 2’s burning questions answered

Netflix released the Part 2 installation of the fantasy crime-thriller web series, Lucifer, for its fifth season. It continues to follow the story of Lucifer, the devil cum police assistant in his life in LA.

This mystery web series, across the seasons, delved into the life of Lucifer, the devil as he comes to LA and starts living amidst humans as a police consultant and bar owner. He eventually meets Chloe Decker, a detective and falls in love with her. 

With Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother, entering the course in Season 5, he sets up as the primary antagonist for this season. 

From Deckerstar’s love life, Amenadiel’s new family, Maze’s existential quests to Michael’s villainy stunts, and replacing God, the new episodes covered a lot of ground. 

With Season 5 Part 1 ending in God’s entry as the cliffhanger, Part 2 picks up all the previously unanswered dilemmas and tries to solve them with eight new episodes. 

With an extensive action and mystery-packed Season 5 Part 2, here’s a detailed look into the answers that these new episodes covered.

How did God’s introduction shuffle things up?

Picking up from the previous cliffhanger of God’s introduction, things seem to quickly escalate. Starting off with the simple motive of dad-son quality time, the story leads to him deciding to retire. 

Both Lucifer and Amenadiel eventually figure out that Michael had been tricking God to self-actualize and that is the reason he may be losing control over his powers causing him to retire.

After realizing the hatch, Lucifer makes arrangements for their Mother to meet God, and soon God decides to leave to their Mother’s universe which thus results in a spot opening for his position.

As he leaves, he mentions that the successor would not be named and that the angel siblings would have to figure it out on their own. This leaves the successor war for God’s position on and shakes things up for the celestial world.

Do Lucifer and Chloe accept their love for each other?

Previously, the story leaves Chloe revealing her love for Lucifer overtly, but Lucifer isn’t able to reciprocate his feelings for her, in the same way. He wasn’t able to tell her the “three words”.

This time around, Chloe starts off by giving Lucifer time to figure out his feelings. But, this eventually takes a toll on her and she confronts Lucifer about it. This leads to Lucifer convincing Chloe that even if he isn’t able to tell her the “three words”, he still feels it and they resume being a couple. 

As they deal with the crazy things that go ahead across the episodes, towards the end, during the war Chloe takes a stab and goes to heaven.

In order to save her, Lucifer goes to heaven and brings her back all while he finally says the “three words”, which finally means he has overcome his issues and agrees to overtly express his love for Chloe.

Does Maze find a soul?

Formerly, Maze finds herself in an existential crisis as she gets abandoned by Lucifer over a fight, followed by Eve, who she has a romantic liking for, and also finds out that her mother, Lilith, abandoned her too. 

This sets her off into a frenzy as she starts to believe that to cure her crisis she needs to find a soul, so as to connect with others.

This time, as she confronts God about giving her a soul, he uncannily asks her to “grow” one. 

With the quest to grow a soul, Maze and Eve meet up at a stakeout and confront each other with their true feelings. As Eve gets shot, Maze asks her to wear her mother’s immortality ring. Eve declines the offer, which throws Maze off the grounds and causes a rift in their relationship.

Gradually, Maze understands the value of mortal life and limited time with a loved one and chooses to reconcile with Eve and accept her choices. 

As for her rift with Lucifer, she reunites with him, in terms of him making her the queen to hell. As Lucifer agrees to her offer, all her previous rifts come to an end.

Thus, this time the demon Mazikeen, finds herself a soul as well as a throne.

Does Linda reveal her true identity to her daughter?

Previously, arrangements were made for Linda to meet her long-lost daughter, Adriana. She doesn’t reveal her true identity then because of her fear of acceptance.

This time, Linda seems to have stalked her daughter to keep her aloof from any dangers without her knowledge. Adriana gets tangled with a murder on her name.

Linda helps Chloe, Lucifer and the gang to solve the crime and nab the real murderer, so that her daughter can be free.

Within this meetup, Adriana is eventually found to be innocent and is left free and spots Linda. Linda reveals her true identity as her mother to Adriana and long-time affairs get sorted out.

Is there darkness in Ella?

Earlier, Ella had found herself to be attracted to bad guys, which she believed attributed to the darkness in her. This theory eventually checked out with the Pete case, where she found that the guy she was dating, Pete, was actually a serial killer.

As she internally struggles to put up with the darkness inside of her, she initially gets support from Amenadiel, who persuades her to accept it and be hopeful for the best.

As she encounters God, he relays that she is not the only one with the darkness inside, rather everyone does. She reveals that this may be dangerous and that the darkness is way too deep. God disagrees and convinces her that the darker the darkness, the brighter the light.

This short encounter makes her accept herself and helps her believe in the good within her rather than the bad.

Why was Dan killed?

Dan, as a sign of farewell to Chloe, agrees to help in her last case. He takes up the investigation bit and ends up getting kidnapped by a mercenary mob.

As Lucifer and the team try to find Dan’s whereabouts, Dan tries to escape, which ends up getting him killed. 

The larger picture, later revealed, was planned by Michael under his ploy of waging a war against Lucifer for becoming God. He was trying to collect the hilt, Amenadiel’s necklace, and Azrael’s blade, which he would need to make the Flaming Sword.

Michael then reveals that he ordered to kill Dan because he could use it as leverage. He offers Lucifer to rule Hell while he rules over Heaven, and further adds that Lucifer could take Chloe along because once she dies she could go to hell because of her guilt over Dan’s death.

The offer and the revelation of Dan’s death only add to Lucifer’s anger and infuriates him, taking his resolve from wanting to be God to have to be God. 

Does Lucifer become God?

Michael, in his fit for becoming God, gathers the support of his angel siblings for taking his side against Lucifer. Lucifer, on the other hand, fails in formulating said support.

On the D-day, Lucifer backs himself with Amenadiel, Chloe, Maze, Eve, and an army of demons against Michael with an army of angels.

As word of mouth through voting doesn’t work out, Lucifer challenges Michael for a wing-to-wing fight to the death. As plenty of action rolls out in flight mode, the fight is eventually won by Lucifer, with Michael accepting his defeat.

The scene cuts out to Lucifer holding the Flaming Sword while all the angels and demons bow down to him on one knee, including Michael. 

With this unanimous support for Lucifer becoming God, there is no marvellous sign that happens to truly signify that he has won the role of God, thus, leaving it as the cliffhanger for Season 6.

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