Love and Monsters ending explained: Does Joel survive?

Adventure film ‘Love and Monsters’ starring Dylan O’Brien and Jessica Henwick, is streaming on Netflix. Academy Award nominee for Best Visual Effects, the film found its release after a delay due to COVID-19.

Safety forces have launched a host of rockets to destroy an asteroid headed towards the earth. While the asteroid threat is successfully terminated, the resultant chemicals cause all cold-blooded animals to mutate into enormous destructive monsters that kill majority of humanity.

The survivors have taken refuge in underground chambers called ‘colonies’. Young Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien) has found shelter in a colony, where everyone is romantically engaged, apart from him.

In his run for life during the monster breakouts, he left behind his girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick) with her family, and eventually lost his own family to monsters. On finding a radio connection with Aimee, Joel realises that she resides in a colony that is less than a hundred miles away.

He sets off on a seemingly impossible journey to find his lost love. Will Joel meet Aimee, reigniting the old connection? Or will his poor survival skills mark him a victim to some giant centipede monster?

‘Love and Monsters’ ending explained in detail:

A rewarding journey

Joel sets off on his journey with no experience of how to deal with monsters. On his way, he befriends ‘Boy’, a dog who helps him escape an incessant monster’s clutches. He is later joined by Clyde Dutton and Minnow, two travelling survivors who take Joel with them.

Joel masters skills such as archery and develops an instinctive response mechanism to fight monsters. Later, as their paths differ, Joel bids them adieu to set forth in the direction of Aimee’s colony, accompanied by Boy.

Attacked by a Queen Sand-Gobbler, Joel uses his newly learned skills to beat the monster. Boy notices his lost companion’s cloth floating down a river and runs to fetch it, putting Joel in danger. After Joel makes sure that the both of them are safe, he yells at Boy for being irresponsible. Hurt, Boy walks away.

Joel meets Aimee

After much strife, Joel reaches Aimee’s colony. She greets him with a smile and goes back to taking care of things. She introduces Joel to the other dwellers and also to Cap, who seems to be the captain of a yacht that is set to relocate the survivors to a safer region.

Aimee confesses to Joel that she had already found love with a different man who is no more. She tells him that she cannot resonate with his feelings.

Disappointed, Joel contacts his colony to let them know that he reached. He learns that things aren’t great back there with multiple security breaches off the hook.

Joel detects trouble

Everyone at Aimee’s colony celebrates the handy and amicable Cap and the fact that he serves everyone his beer. Joel notices berries served to him with the beer – the same berries that Boy had earlier warned him not to consume.

Joel figures out that Cap’s intentions are not the best. He tries to alert everyone else at the colony, but they have already been intoxicated by Cap’s drinks. Cap’s ally punches Joel in the face and he falls unconscious.

Joel, Aimee and the rest of the dwellers wake up to find themselves tied up. Cap confesses that his tribe lives on stolen supplies. Cap controls a crab monster and causes it to attack the tied-up inhabitants. Joel looks into the eyes of the monster to determine that it is harmless.

Boy joins him and helps him in the fight. Joel unties the monster from the shackles of Cap’s control, to see it walk away without harming any of the inhabitants. The monster further goes to attack Cap and the other members in his yacht.

The colony is rendered safe and Joel sets forth to his own colony. He broadcasts his story on the radio to inspire other colony-dwellers to rise up and figure out ways to travel the real world.

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