Detective Kreps bombshell changes everything in Only Murders in the Building season 2

In the latest episode of Only Muders in the Building, there is a major reveal about Detective Kreps that threatens to overturn everything that Charles, Mabel and Oliver know about the case.

Detective Kreps is played by Michael Rapaport and was introduced in the first episode of season 2. He’s a loudmouth detective working alongside Detective Williams and it is made clear that he has no sympathy for Charles, Mabel and Oliver.

Mistaken identity

Charles, Mabel and Oliver assumed that the unknown number that texted them right before Bunny was murdered belonged to Detective Williams and they continued to believe that until they found the bloody matchbook.

They texted the number about the evidence and set up a meeting but later that day Detective Kreps gathers them and Cinda Canning in Bunny’s apartment to order them to stop podcasting because it is interfering with the investigation.

Detective Kreps bombshell changes everything in Only Murders in the Building season 2 1
The detective did not want anyone to jeopardise his career-making case

And when they ask him where Detective Williams is, he tells them that she’s out of town on maternity leave. That’s when they realize they’re actually texting the killer.

They decide to use this information to their advantage and set a trap to identify the killer.

The glitter bomb

Rather than leave the matchbook at the dropoff point, they leave a glitter bomb that is set to explode when the killer opens it, marking him with sparkling evidence.

Unfortunately for them, they aren’t paying attention when the killer arrives and sets off the trap. He manages to get away and leaves them dispirited.

Detective Kreps bombshell changes everything in Only Murders in the Building season 2 2
Mabel comes face to face with the killer on the subway

Mabel runs into the glitter guy on the subway and after a short scuffle, she ends up stabbing him with her knitting needles and runs away, but he manages to get her bag that has the matchbook.

The next when she finds herself at Theo’s house, he learns that the glitter guy is also part of the Coney Island security so she goes there along with Theo to find out more.

She runs into the glitter guy once more and manages to escape with his bag but doesn’t find the matchbook in there anymore.

The unsettling reveal

When a blackout engulfs the entire tri-state area, Charles, Mabel and Oliver rush to Arconia where Lucy has shown up unannounced. Mabel found a picture of her and Charles and the glitter guy’s belongings and they worry that he’s going after Lucy.

This worry turns out to be true as someone breaks into Charles’ apartment and chases Lucy through the Arconia passageways. She manages to lose him and meet up with the others eventually as they get to safety just as the power comes back on.

As they walk into the lobby, they find Detective Kreps talking to Lucy and as the others walk away, Mabel has a short chat with him.

He brings up the viral video of her stabbing the glitter guy on the subway and hints at arresting her for the attack and she wonders why hasn’t or why he’s even in that part of town.

Detective Kreps bombshell changes everything in Only Murders in the Building season 2 3
Detective Kreps tries to pass off his stab injury

Right then someone bumps into Detective Kreps and he grabs his arm in pain, explaining that he recently got a tattoo which is why it’s extra sore. As he looks to the side, Mabel also notices that he has some glitter behind his ear, proving that Detective Kreps is the glitter guy and the killer who has been framing them all this time.

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