Kathmandu Connection ending explained: Samarth’s past

Kathmandu Connection is SonyLIV’s recent release. The story revolves around inside politics which people use for their personal benefits. The narrative takes us along the police journey of DCP Samarth (Amit Sial) and his personal life.

DCP Samarth Kaushik is the poster boy of Delhi Police. He has been in the public eye since he successfully led an encounter and killed two boys involved with a terrorist association. He was given promotions before it was due and has been favoured a lot.

A new case comes up his way and he saves the life of Mr Arora, who was kidnapped, and brings him back within 48 hours but the kidnappers run away. He is applauded and journalist Shivani (Aksha Pardasany) comes to take an exclusive bite for her channel Global News with him. But the fact that the kidnappers are breathing free is pinching him.

Shivani’s stint with Samarth is not by chance but heavily planned and thought about. It was the first step towards her life’s mission. Shivani has a lover, Sunny Sharma (Anshumaan Pushkar), who is a gangster and his name is also involved in the Bombay Blasts.

Samarth is after the kidnappers and after connecting the dots, it leads him to Sunny Sharma. A curious triangle is formed between Samarth, Shivani and Sunny. What turns these connections take will be worth waiting for.

Kathmandu Connection ending explained in detail:

What happened in Delhi in 1992?

Back in 1992, Inspector Samarth Kaushik and his team got an anonymous tip that a boy with links to a terrorist association and they propose an encounter to deal with it.

Samarth reaches the spot and finds two boys at the apartment under question, in haste he shoots the two without any second thoughts. The two die on the spot.

Once he stops shooting, his colleague reminds him that they had got a tip for only for one boy. Samarth comes to his senses and realizes what he has done.

He asks his teammate to deal with the crowd and he plants a gun in the hands of the innocent person, Ahmed.

For this, he receives a lot of praise and is given an undeserving promotion. He doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions which unveil later.

Shivani’s trip to Singapore

Even after 9 years, Sunny’s love for Shivani hasn’t died yet. He has been trying to get in touch with her from both Hong Kong and Kathmandu.

Initially, Shivani resents his calls, but after meeting with Samarth, she falls into his plan and goes to visit him. Samarth says that he cannot risk his love for a professional project. But as a part of her individual plan, she goes ahead and plans the visit.

Once she reaches Singapore, she asks Sunny his story how he turned from Om Prakash Sharma to the gangster he is now. He tells her that he accepts that he is a gangster, smuggler and a bad guy but he was wrongly framed for the Bombay Blasts. He will try his best to remove this tag from his name.

Similarly, Shivani tells him that she needs his help. After a discussion, Shivani calls Samarth and says she is coming back to India.

Karma hits back

Shivani returns to India and is surprised to see that Samarth, who loves her, is only concerned about why Sunny hasn’t returned with her and not about how she is or what happened with her Singapore.

However, she ignores all this and his fake love and tells him that Sunny will return to India tomorrow. Samarth along with the police and CBI set up a trap to arrest Sunny right outside the airport.

Sunny and Shivani fool him and get past. In the car, Shivani thanks him and says that she has asked a lot from him, in return he says that even he will need something from her too but will tell her that when they meet next.

Sunny reaches the Press Trust office and surrenders, he tries to prove his innocence and mentions Samarth’s name in plotting against the country along with other gangsters. He even shares proofs.

Samarth is taken into custody and so is Sunny. Sunny demands that he will only speak with Samarth and no one else. When the two are alone, Sunny tells him how the innocent boy he killed was Shivani’s fianc√© and they were about to get married. In the fake encounter, he not only killed him but also ruined Shivani and her mother’s lives.

Shivani wanted him to experience how it feels when an innocent is tagged as a terrorist and asked Sunny for his help. In love, Sunny couldn’t deny helping her.

Ahmed has received his revenge and Shivani and her mother celebrate his birthday together. A simple ‘Kathmandu Connection’, ends up twisting so many lives.

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