Kaagaz ending explained: Does Bharat Lal ‘come alive’?

Kaagaz on ZEE5 is the story of Bharat Lal Mritak from Azamgarh, who is declared dead despite being alive. Does his struggle towards justice reach its goal?

Pankaj Tripathi essays the role of Bharat Lal. The film is based on Lal Bihari Mritak’s life, who actually faced such an incident. He fought with Indian bureaucracy for 19 years to prove that he is alive. He later founded the Mritak Sangh (Uttar Pradesh Association of Dead People) too.

Kaagaz follows a similar trajectory but also makes use of creative freedom on many occasions. On his journey towards wronging the people who wronged him, Bharat Lal encounters many roadblocks that make up for the entire film.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how Kaagaz ends:

Bharat Lal’s quest

After lawyer Sadhuram Kevat fails to help out Bharat Lal, he pledges to defy the justice system by kidnapping his nephew from school. He does so in order to get an FIR filed against him so that the papers become proof of his existence.

But even after several attempts, he miserably fails. From his family to local policemen, everyone refuses to file an FIR against him.

The direction for this quest further alters when he stands up against Rajiv Gandhi in the upcoming elections in Amethi. When this doesn’t work, he even baffles a parliament session by flying papers in the air in order to convey his message.


Bharat Lal’s ‘never say never’ attitude rips apart his family. His wife Rukmini (Monal Gajjar) leaves him and flees to her uncle’s along with her kids.

Similarly, his lawyer and two of his supporters from the media, also don’t approve of his ways when they spot that Bharat Lal is losing patience.

The only politician (Mita Vashishth) who was by his side through it all, also finds a way to abandon him when she realizes that her political motives might get jeopardized if she gets too close.

Judgement day

As the climax approaches, Bharat Lal’s newly formed and now strong ‘Mritak Sangh’ pledges to barge into government offices in order to acquire papers that might prove their existence.

As they do so, the Police attacks them and Bharat Lal gets severely injured. But to his delight, he manages to catch hold of a set that might contain what he needs.

Just then, lawyer Sadhuram and the press associates run to him with a document that finally accepts Bharat to be alive. In the final moment, his true accomplices manage to help him out after 19 years of struggle.

Bharat Lal also reunites with his wife and kids.

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