Jupiter’s Legacy ending explained: Conspiracy against the Union

Created by Steven S. DeKnight, Jupiter’s Legacy is an American superhero drama series streaming on Netflix. Based on the Image comic book series by Mark Miller and Frank Quitely, the web series follows the story of the world’s first superheroes and their children who struggle to abide by the Code of their Union.


Jupiter’s Legacy revolves around Sheldon (The Utopian), Grace (Lady Liberty), Walter (Brainwave), Fitz (The Flare), George (Skyfox) and Richard (Blue Bolt) who are the members of the original Union that first gained powers.

The story begins by introducing the rule of the Union, which restricts the superheroes to kill anyone. In the present day, Sheldon’s kids Brandon (The Paragon) and Chloe find it hard to live up to their father’s legacy.

Old and new superheroes fight together against an escaped prisoner. To prove himself and save his father’s life, Brandon breaks the Code and kills the supervillain. The story takes us back to 1929, where young Sheldon and Walter try to expand their father’s business. But the market crashes and their father commits suicide.

Sheldon criticises Brandon’s actions while several members of the Union appreciate him. Back in the past, Sheldon discovers that he was oblivious of his father’s wrong deeds. At his father’s funeral, he collapses with a stroke and visualises his father in the hospital.

Worried by his state, George visits him and finds something mysterious in his drawings. Sheldon gets haunted by the visions of an island and a voice calling him there. George’s son, Hutch, crosses paths with Chloe during a theft with his gang.

Sheldon decides to assemble the six people he visioned sitting around a table and search for the mysterious island. Autopsy of the clone unveils an object that puts the long lost traitor Skyfox under suspicion.

Sheldon moves ahead on the voyage with his dream team, facing the storms and technical failures. Grace observes the young superheroes struggling to fight under the pressure of following the Code.

The team reaches the island and go through a series of obstacles that test their trust over each other before finally gifting them with the powers. Walter decides to get inside the clone’s brain to learn his source with the help of his daughter. A suspicious power opens the locks of Blackstar’s prison, setting him free. What happens next?

Jupiter’s Legacy ending explained in detail:

Blackstar’s escape

In the final episode of Jupiter’s Legacy, Sheldon and Brandon reach the Supermax prison to fight Blackstar and put him back in jail. He gets hold of The Paragon and provokes The Utopian to break his Code and save his son from dying.

Sheldon doesn’t take any action, but Petra (Fitz’s daughter) comes in time to rescue him from the supervillain. They fight together, and this time Brandon makes sure that he doesn’t break the Code and stops himself from killing him.

Chloe and Hutch find a powerful element that could help him reach his father (Skyfox). Hutch’s friends refuse to work with him because of his acquaintance with The Utopian’s daughter.

Walter confronts Skyfox

Walter gets trapped while looking for information in the clone’s brain. His daughter helps him to come out by keeping the door to his head open. Walter struggles to come out when he reaches a familiar place in the clone’s consciousness.

He comes to face George (Skyfox), who attacks him and makes it hard for him to leave. Grace decides to save Walter by joining him in. She fights with Skyfox before he traps her with a weapon.

George blames Walter for turning the members of the Union against him and making him the bad guy. He decides to show him the visual of how it all ends and leaves him out with a message for Sheldon. Walter shares the image with Grace in which Skyfox kills Sheldon and Brandon.

Who is the real traitor?

In the climax of Jupiter’s Legacy, Walter thanks his daughter Raikou for saving his life. She demands the promised price and is about to leave when her father reaches out in her mind to find that she knows the truth.

Raikou unveils that she knows it was Walter who cloned Blackstar to plot against The Utopian. He made it look like it was Skyfox behind everything to break the Union so that he could be the new leader.

Walter also conspired to build the gap between Sheldon and his son by releasing Blackstar from the prison. Raikou demands a higher price for staying quiet on the matter, but he decides not to trust her and kills her, reaching into her consciousness.

In the end, Sheldon blames Skyfox for all the incidents and reaches out for his brother’s help as he is scared to lose his son. Walter asks him to trust him.

Based on a comic book series, Jupiter’s Legacy is assumed to have renewals for more seasons.

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