Jagame Thandhiram ending explained: Does Suruli realise Peter’s intentions?

Dhanush starrer ‘Jagame Thandhiram’ is an action-thriller movie directed by Karthik Subarao. The movie follows a gang war and reflects upon the issue of xenophobia.

Through title cards, the movie establishes the important characters. Sivadoss, a Tamilian gangster in power helping the immigrants in London. Peter, the head of the rival gang, a xenophobe who believes in white supremacy, and Suruli, the local gangster from the streets of Madurai. 

Suruli’s fortunes shine when he receives an offer to join Peter’s gang in exchange for a great deal of money. Peter’s intention to hire Suruli is to have a Tamil gangster, infiltrate Sivadoss’ gang. 

By becoming acquainted with Sivadoss’ gang members, Suruli gets secretive information on the gang business, which uses fishing business, marriage business, and a funeral business as cover-ups for importing weapons in exchange for non-trackable gold from war-torn countries.

Suruli, along with Peter’s gang obliterates several members of Sivadoss’ gang, including Rajan, his right hand. But ultimately, Suruli gets caught by Sivadoss and manages to crack a deal with him to eliminate Peter together by inviting him to a peace treaty.

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Sivadoss’ gang prepares a thorough plan to eliminate Peter. The members of both the gangs inspect the meeting hall to eliminate any possibilities of danger. Suruli’s job is to frisk and give clearance to a vending machine inside the room where the meeting will take place, with a gun hidden inside it.

Both the gang leaders are allowed to take one member along with them to the meeting place. On seeing the right time, Sivadoss’ man takes the gun out, handing it over to Sivadoss. But as he shoots aiming at Peter, he realises the gun has been damaged. 

Suruli knocks down the man and takes out a blade, tearing the seat cover. Peter beheads Sivadoss using the blade, while the other gang members do away with Sivadoss’ gang using hidden weapons. Suruli pardons the life of one member who became friends with him. As a reward, Peter gives Suruli an entire street, which Suruli turns into Little Madurai.

But still, Suruli has got a lot to deal with, face truths, and introspect his own actions, raising questions in the minds of both his and the viewers.

Has Suruli done right by teaming up with Peter, and betraying Sivadoss? What is the reason behind the gang war between them? Why is Peter supporting Suruli while he himself is xenophobic? 

Jagame Thandhiram ending explained in detail:

The Refugee Situation

Attila, the bar singer with whom Suruli falls in love with, attempts to seek revenge from him for betraying Sivadoss, but gets caught red-handed by Suruli.

She narrates a traumatic incident of the past when war forced her to leave her country, Sri Lanka, along with her brother and his son Dheera. Sivadoss turned out to be their only hope as he fought refugee cases and gave them a refugee status. His smuggling business was aimed at getting funds to fight for their cause.

He was the one who helped Attila when her brother gets detained in France in an immigration issue, who is now stuck in Peter’s detention centre. Suruli realises his mistakes and attempts to atone by doing the right thing.

Suruli teams up with Attila and the remaining gang members to help immigrants, by bringing in funds from one of Sivadoss’ money holders.

Bicore Bill

Bicore, a bill proposed by Minister Marks for restricting immigrant entry into the country, turns out to be an important element, shaping the destiny of Suruli and many other immigrants.

Peter, a supporter of this bill tries to get Suruli back on a mission to execute the left-wing Minister Andrew, who is going to do a rally against the bill in Birmingham.

He plans to frame Suruli for the murder, using him as a pawn to call all the immigrants terrorists, which would ease the process of getting the bill passed.

Setting things right

When Suruli refuses to take the job, Peter destroys his Little Madurai and even threatens him by shooting at his place. Suruli is left with no other option but to follow his orders. But he comes up with a plan of his own and executes Peter’s gang members with the assistance of the remaining members of Sivadoss’ gang.

With local bombs and arms, Suruli and his men approach Peter’s castle wiping all his gang members out. When he reaches his room, Peter is all prepared with his last bet, a machine gun, but Suruli already damaged it by bribing a ‘white rat’. Instead of simply killing him, Suruli has got some other plans for him.

Ultimately, the Bicore bill proposal gets defeated leading to the arrest of Minister Mark, and Atilla’s brother gets released from the detention camp.

Suruli leaves Peter in the middle of the Iran-Afghan Border with a passport of a hypothetical country, destroying all real proof of his identity. This is an apt punishment for him which gives him a taste of his own medicine. Peter warns Suruli that he will return for him, setting up the possibility for a sequel.

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