Is Iain Adair from Black Mirror season 6 a real person?

Iain Adair is considered the reason behind the lack of tourists in a small Scottish town in the episode ‘Loch Henry’ from season 6 of Black Mirror.

Davis McCardle and his girlfriend, Pia, visit Davis’ hometown of Loch Henry for a stop before heading off to shoot their independent film but Pia convinces Davis that there’s a better story right there.

She wonders why the town is so dead until she learns from him and his friend Stuart that there used to be a serial killer named Iain Adair who would torture and kill tourists.

In total, 8 bodies were found and Iain was ultimately arrested after getting into a shootout with local policeman, Kenneth McCardle, who was Davis’ father.

After deciding to film a documentary about Iain Adair to double up as a tourism advertisement for Loch Henry, they eventually find out that Iain is simply an accomplice and it was Davis’ parents, Kenneth and Janet, who were the real culprits.

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However, how much of the story was truly real?

Far from true crime

Not only is Iain Adair fictional, but the entire town of Loch Henry is also made up for the episode as well. The episode was shot in several real-life locations within Scotland but the titular town doesn’t exist.

Is Iain Adair from Black Mirror season 6 a real person? 1
Davis and Pia used a drone to highlight the landscape of Loch Henry

Series creator Charlie Brooker credited a true-crime documentary set in Scotland as the inspiration behind the episode as he found the balance between the horror of the crimes and the beauty of the locations to be perfect.

Of course, since this is a Black Mirror episode there is also the satirical message being put across. ‘Loch Henry’ focuses on the rising popularity of true crime and the sometimes exploitative nature behind these films.

Davis is shown to be suffering from so much trauma during the BAFTA ceremony, while Stuart’s pub is filled with tourists who are perversely drawn to the location where Iain Adair, Kenneth, and Janet killed all those people.

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