Is Florida Man based on a true story?

Florida Man follows the story of Mike Valentine, who returns to Florida to bring his boss’ girlfriend back but ends up getting involved in a treasure hunt with her.

In Florida Man, Mike Valentine, an ex-gambling addict, is trying to pay off all his debts by working for Moss Yankov, the gangster he owes. He is tasked to bring back Moss’ girlfriend, Delly, from Florida.

Though Mike finds Delly, she convinces him to stay and run away with her after unearthing a treasure that is buried here in the state of Florida. While Mike and Delly go on this adventure, the show introduces the viewers to Florida.

Florida, in itself, is a strange place that will often catch your attention throughout the show. Apart from the beautiful beaches, the alligators, and the swamps, the bizarre and unusual crimes that are broadcast on news channels are what define the state in the show.

Throughout the show, a viewer may often question the truth behind the crimes broadcasted, owing to how ridiculous they sound. They are left wondering if such crimes have even taken place or not.

The true story behind Florida Man

Florida Man isn’t based on a true story of an individual or an event, but the news stories broadcasted in the show and the bizarre adventures Mike and Delly delve into do take some inspiration from the popular Florida Man meme.

In 2013, magazine editor Freddie Campion created a Twitter account going by the name ‘Florida Man’. The account posted news referring to men from Florida indulging in illogical, delusional, and downright ridiculous actions.

The news headlines often mentioned these men as ‘Florida Man’, followed by the most bizarre crimes one can think of. The way these headlines were written implied that Florida Man is a single individual. As the meme got popular, Florida Man was dubbed “the world’s worst superhero.”

Even if you Google a random date and type “Florida Man” along with it, you may find a bizarre story from Florida.

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The Florida Man news broadcasted in the show

At its peak, the Twitter account of Florida Man gained around 400,000 followers, became the talk of the town, and was mentioned in several TV shows and media outlets.

The show highlights many such headlines throughout its run. There is a Florida Man who ditches a police car for an ambulance and crashes them both. Then there is another man, out on bail, who breaks into jail again to retrieve his phone just because it has details for his next robbery.

The reason the state of Florida is known for such headlines has to do with its law that allows anyone to access public records.

Initially, the Florida Man meme was considered nothing but a joke. Apparently, underneath these news headlines were stories of residents of Florida. In 2019, Freddie Campion officially retired the Twitter account.

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