All instrumental pop covers in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Bridgerton is one of the most popular shows ever on Netflix, and while it is known for a lot of different facets, a major theme has always been how it has managed to create instrumental renditions of iconic pop songs.

Whether it be ‘Girls Like You’ in season 1 or ‘Wrecking Ball’ in season 2, you’re immediately reminded of that one scene in the show.

And the latest spin-off in the franchise, Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story, keeps this tradition very much alive.

Here’s a list of all the pop covers in the spin-off:

Halo: Beyonce – episode 1

After King George manages to charm Charlotte, the two marry in the grandest fashion and dance together.

Later, when the festivities are over, King George promises a ‘surprise’ for Queen Charlotte. This is when the instrumental cover of Beyonce’s Halo starts playing.

It plays all through their journey to Buckingham House until King George shocks her by telling her that he will stay separate from her at Kew.

If I Ain’t Got You: Alicia Keys – Episode 3

After the title of ‘Lady’ is bestowed upon Agatha Danbury, she leaves no stone unturned to ensure those of her colour get the equality they deserve in the Queen’s court.

She decides to host a ball, but when nobody accepts her invitation, she implores her friend Queen Charlotte to help her fight the battle. The Queen later convinces King George, who is known to avoid social events, to attend the ball, making it much more aspirational.

As the King and Queen begin their dance, a cover of If I Ain’t Got You is played right until everyone joins the pair and the ball succeeds.

Nobody Gets Me: Sza – Episode 6

When speculation of King George’s illness is rife, the King and Queen must appear at a ball to introduce her newborn.

In reality, it is a way to dispel any concerns about the King being unfit to rule. Queen Charlotte encourages him to attend and prove everything is fine.

At the ball, Queen Charlotte tells the King that he must not pay attention to others and just believe that the two are alone, which also draws a parallel to the Wrecking Ball scene where Anthony Bridgerton tells Kate that nobody else matters.

As the two share a dance, a version of Nobody Gets Me by Sza is played all through, as the King makes a bold statement.

I Will Always Love You: Whitney Houston – Episode 6

All through the spin-off, Queen Dowager had refused to acknowledge Charlotte. After the latter helps King George attend the ball, Queen Dowager finally accepts that it is Charlotte who makes the King happy.

Following this, the instrumental cover of I Will Always Love You starts playing as those at the ball continue dancing.

A fair distance away, Brimsley and Reynolds share a dance on the song as well, which continues to play until the scene shifts to the present day, where Brimsley is seen dancing alone, heavily implying that Reynolds died in between the two instances.

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