How long are all episodes of Stranger Things season 4? 

If you’ve started binging on season 4 of Stranger Things, you would be familiar with the long episodes the series has introduced.

Longest episode before season 4

The longest episode in season 1 was 55 minutes in duration. Compared to this, season 2 finale racked up 62 minutes (1 hour 2 minutes), while Stranger 3 finale held the record for the longest episode yet, standing at 78 minutes (1 hour 18 minutes).

Season 4 has blown all this out of the water, and while the show averaged, 50-60 minutes before, even the shortest episode this season is 63 minutes long (1 hour 3 minutes).

The finale of this season’s volume 1, episode 7, stands at a whopping 98 minutes (1 hour 38 minutes). This is more than some feature films.

However, if you felt this is long, volume 2 exceeds even this. Episode 8 of season four will have a length of 98 minutes (1 hour 38 minutes) and the finale of volume 2 and season 4, episode 9, will last for at least 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes). This will be the longest Stranger Things episode thus far.

Surprisingly, this isn’t confirmed to be the longest single episode for any Netflix original show, with the Sense 8 season 2 finale standing at 151 minutes. Will the record be broken after the final edit? Only time will tell.

Here’s a breakdown of every episode on season 4 according to length.

Stranger Things season 4 each episode length

Episode 178 minutes (1 hour 18 minutes)
Episode 277 minutes (1 hour 17 minutes)
Episode 363 minutes (1 hour 3 minutes)
Episode 478 minutes (1 hour 18 minutes)
Episode 576 minutes (1 hour 16 minutes)
Episode 675 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes)
Episode 798 minutes (1 hour 38 minutes)
Episode 898 minutes (1 hour 38 minutes)
Episode 9150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes)
Episodes divided by duration

The episodes, with a combined total of minutes (13 hours 22 minutes), follow Eleven and the gang as they fight off the supernatural creatures from Upside Down once again. After the Demogorgons, Demodogs and The Mind Flayer, they come up against Vecna, considered to be The Mind Flayer’s ‘five star general’. His means of attacking is also vastly different from anything seen before.

While his real identity was revealed at the end of season 1, the final battle between the protagonists and Vecna has been set up for volume 2, which releases on July 1.

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