How are the episodes of Nightmares and Daydreams connected?

Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams tells seven different stories but they are all connected in some way.

The primary threat in Nightmares and Daydreams are creatures from a land called Agartha and each story focuses on someone who would eventually stand against them.

All of the stories take place across different years in Jakarta as more is discovered about Agartha and the Antibodies are gathered.

Setting things up for the future

In episode one, Panji sees the strange creatures that transfer life force and he is told that there is no real explanation for what they are.

He ends up burning them down, although someone makes it out of the rubble. Syafin continues the supernatural theme with the powers he uses on Ipah at the end.

Episode three shows the first true connection as Rania gets a brief glimpse of the same creatures that Panji burned, and hears the name Agartha.

She knocks off Adrian’s lenses and sees that he is not human. Adrian shows up again in the final episode.

Wahyu is chosen to start the resistance in episode four after he is given enlightenment at the hands of an angel.

In episode five, Dewi comes up against a strange creature feeding on Bandi and many others while using their powers to keep them in a dream state.

Dewi stabs the creature after momentarily fighting off its powers. She then tests Ali with hynposis and confirms that he has the power to fend off mind control.

In the final episode, the different threads are weaved together as Valdya comes face to face with the Agarthans including Sofia, the creature that Dewi saw, and Adrian.

Valdya is saved by Wahyu, Panji, Rania, Dewi, Ali, and a woman named Laksmi. Wahyu learned of the Agarthans’ threat and gathered the rest to fight back.

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