Godzilla Singular Point ending explained: Do Yun and Mei stop the catastrophe?

Godzilla Singular Point is a Japanese anime series produced by studio Bones and Orange for Netflix. The 13-episode series is directed by Atsushi Takahashi.

Set in Nigashio City in the year 2030, the series follows Yun Arikawa, a tech-savvy engineer at the Otaki Factory investigating an abandoned building, and Mei Kamino, a graduate student appointed to investigate the mysterious signals picked up at Misakioku Radio Observatory. Their separate investigations lead them to a single lullaby with a message encoded within it.

The appearance of a Rodan, a flying kaiju, puts the entire city in turmoil. At the rescue is Jet Jaguar, a robot prototype created by Mr. Otaki, the owner of the Otaki factory. The appearance of a Rodan becomes the limelight of the hour, as every media channel covers the same with their own analysis and opinion.

It was just a bare beginning, as flocks of Rodans approach the city causing havoc, covering the city with their red dust. Moreover, a new sea monster and land monster with exceptional abilities gets sighted in the city. The situation turns uncontrollable as Rodan armies get spotted all over the world.

Yun, Haberu, and Otaki keep on redesigning and upgrading Jet Jaguar as the foes start getting stronger. Jet Jaguar fights all the Kaijus and emerges as the saviour of the city.

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Kamino gets summoned by Professor Li, an expert in computational chemistry and a member of Shiva Consortium, to work with her as a research assistant to study Archetypes that can contain light and amplifies contained energy.

Kamino’s finding on this reveals that Archetypes can make time reversibility possible, which can change reality. Professor Li further informs her of Ashihara’s Catastrophe, which sets Kamino to uncover what Ashihara meant by it.

Meanwhile, the mighty Godzilla rises from deep within the sea, reducing all weapons to dust. 

What was the encoded message within the song? Will Kamino be able to understand Ashihara’s Cascade? Will Yun and the company be able to defeat Godzilla with the help of Jet Jaguar? 

Godzilla Singular Point ending explained in detail:

The upcoming catastrophe

By studying Ashihara’s notes, Kamino learns that Professor Ashihara produced a super calculator to see the future, but all he witnessed was a catastrophe. He predicted that the catastrophe will set out on August 16, 2030, at 9:30 am, as encrypted in the lullaby.

Kamino also learns about Singular Points, places where the laws of the universe don’t apply. The supercomputer Shiva was a singular point and the Godzilla too was a singular point.

The only way this Catastrophe can be stopped is by using an Orthogonal Diagonalizer, a weapon that can nullify all the red dust, important for the Kaijus to survive. But to activate it, they need to get access to the missing codes.

Shiva Consortium

Kamino, along with AI Pelops II and BB, visits the Shiva Consortium in India, hoping to find the codes. Pelops II accesses the Shiva Computer and attempts to complete Ashihara’s unfished task paused around 50 years ago.

As the Catastrophe approaches soon, Pelops II goes back in the past to extend the time for the calculations. 

In the meantime, Kaiju Salunga approaches the facility to attack. Pelops II suggests Kamino and BB to depart, assuring it will find the code. 

The Code

The Orthogonal Diagonalizer sent from the Shiva facility reaches Japan. Yun, Haberu, Otaki, and an updated Jet Jaguar depart towards Godzilla’s web created with red dust, hoping the code reaches soon. Godzilla knocks down Jet Jaguar, and is soon going to kill Arikawa with its atomic breath. 

Pelops II performs the calculations but ends up finding no codes. He sees Ashihara in the past, and through its data finds Arikawa’s request to make Jet Jaguar invincible.

Pelops II has an epiphany when it realises that the code was there all along. Jet Jaguar was the code and it was reborn again and again until it had the power to confront the catastrophe. Pelops II, through protocols creates Jet Jaguar PP, an invincible version of Jet Jaguar and itself many generations down.

Jet Jaguar ascends at the right moment and puts an end to the catastrophe using the Orthogonal Diagonaliser, restoring the peace in the city. 

A post-credit scene at the Shiva Consortium reveals that Ashihara is still alive and is working on building a Mechagodzilla, using the Kaiju bones stolen from Misakioku Radio Observatory.

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