Firefly Lane ending explained: Where do Kate & Tully stand?

Netflix’s latest web series, Firefly Lane, is an adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s 2008 bestselling novel of the same name. Its plot revolves around two childhood friends, Kate and Tully, whose bond has survived every possible obstacle that life has thrown their way.

Cross-cutting between the 1970s, 1980s, and the 2000s, the story shows how the two stuck by each other as they evolved into strong and independent women. From career problems to family issues to romantic entanglements, Kate and Tully have experienced it all together.

But one problem puts their relationship to test like never before. Can Kate and Tully truly weather all storms together?

Here is the Firefly Lane ending explained in detail:

Whose funeral was it?

In the year 2005, we see Kate and her daughter, Marah, dressed in black and heading for a funeral. It’s clear that someone close to them has passed away, and the two also discuss Tully in the past tense, hinting that she’s not a part of their lives anymore.

However, as the finale reveals, it is the funeral of Kate’s father, Bud.

During Kate’s school and college years, her parents’ relationship was on the rocks as more and more people learnt of her mother Margie’s affair.

At one point, Bud asked Margie to make a decision once and for all. Margie clearly must have chosen him, for the two remained husband and wife even during Kate’s middle years.

Kate and Johnny’s impending divorce

After lingering for a long time, Kate and Johnny finally make their divorce official the night of Tully’s wedding. Kate tries to give her relationship with Travis a try, only to realize that she is still in love with Johnny.

Just when she’s stepping out to go meet him, Johnny arrives at her doorstep and the two reconcile. After years of confusion and being separated, Kate and Johnny are finally in a good place before he leaves for Iraq to become a war correspondent.

A subsequent montage shows Johnny being hit by a landmine in Iraq. The blast renders him unconscious. It remains unknown if it killed him or only caused an injury, but Johnny does not appear in the flash-forward scenes either.

Do Tully and Max end up together?

After losing her baby, Tully initially drives her husband Max away. But sooner than later, she realizes that she does not want to lose him and tries to make amends. When the couple finally get down to talking, Max reveals that he wants to get their marriage annulled because he feels they rushed into it.

Later, Tully tells him that she wants to give their marriage another chance and wants them to start over. To this, Max expresses his inhibitions about their relationship, saying he cannot constantly chase her.

Still, Tully tells him to meet her at the gazebo where they got married, for an official new beginning, but Max doesn’t show up.

Kate comes to comfort Tully. The two are eventually joined by Kate’s brother, Sean, who shares that he came out to his wife, who then kicked him out.

What did Tully do to betray Kate?

By the end of 2003, Kate and Tully were stronger than ever and were even looking forward to having a better 2004. Having quit ‘The Girlfriend Hour’ because of the whims of her new boss, Wilson King, Tully even suggested she and Kate start their own show.

Cut to 2005, Kate and Tully are not on talking terms. Kate doesn’t even want to see Tully’s face and blatantly asks her why she has come to her father’s funeral. Kate further insults Tully, saying that no one wants her there and that she would never forgive Tully for what she did.

Clearly, something major happened between them that drifted them apart so. However, season 1 ends with a cliffhanger as it does not reveal what caused the massive void between the once inseparable best friends.

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