Feels Like Ishq cast: Who plays whom in the anthology series?

‘Feels Like Ishq’ is an anthology series streaming on Netflix with six different stories and many different faces.

Each episode has different characters and setting, which gives the show a huge star cast in terms of numbers.

If you’re having trouble figuring out who plays whom, here’s a comprehensive list of the cast members in Feels Like Ishq.

Feels Like Ishq key cast:

Save the Da(y)te – Episode 1

Radhika Madan as Avani: The best friend of the bride, Sunaina, who searches for her when she escapes her own wedding. She enlists the help of the wedding planner Jay in her search. Avani is a ‘hopeless romantic’ who completely believes in love and marriage.

Amol Parashar as Jay: The wedding planner who helps out Avani in her search for the missing bride Sunaina. The complete opposite of Avani, Jay doesn’t believe in marriages due to his parents’ marriage failing.

Devika Vatsa as Sunaina: The runaway bride with cold feet. She is unable to tell Pranav that she’s having trouble going through with the wedding and runs off to Mandrim beach, where he first proposed to her.

Abeer Meherish as Pranav: The groom, who is largely unaware that his bride is missing, until the very latter stages of the episode.

Quarantine Crush – Episode 2

Mihir Ahuja as Maninder: The boy who tells lies to the girl next door Nimmi in order to meet her everyday. He poses as his own mother when he gets hold of her phone and gives her food.

Kajol Chugh is Nimmi: The girl next door who is there for a few days. She has trouble with cooking and takes the help of her neighbour aunty for food, who’s actually Maninder posing as his own mother.

Kavita Pais as Maninder’s mother Manjeet: The cooking enthusiast with her own YouTube channel ‘Taste Di Maharani Manjeet’ (Queen of Taste Manjeet).

Star Host – Episode 3

Rohit Saraf as Aditya: The boy who dreams of seeing the Northern Lights in Norway. To fund his trip, he rents out his house in Mahabaleshwar to a couple when his parents go out for a vacation. Instead, only the girl shows up and changes Aditya’s perspective of life.

Simran Jehani as Tara: The girl who comes to stay at Aditya’s house after breaking up with his boyfriend Akshay. During her trip, she figures out how she wants to live.

Raghav Dheer as Shivin: Aditya’s friend, who is apprehensive about his plan to rent out his house for money.

Mehr Acharia Dar as Shernaz Aunty: Owner of ‘Saliboti Diner’. When Tara and Aditya visit, she gives Tara advice on how to live life and look forward to the unexpected.

Siddhant Patra as Akshay (voice): The toxic ex-boyfriend who cheats on Tara with his ex and tells her she needs to grow up to understand the ‘complexities of love’.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not – Episode 4

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya as Muskaan: The closeted advertising associate who falls in love with her new bold colleague Tarasha, but struggles to confess her feelings.

Saba Azad as Tarasha: The brazen new employee at Muskaan’s advertising firm who picks her to work with her. As the two get closer, Tarasha reveals a sensitive side.

Srishti Srivastava as Namrata: The colleague of Muskaan and Tarasha who gets into a spat with the latter. It turns out Tarasha dislikes her because she has the same name as her toxic ex-girlfriend.

Interview – Episode 5

Zayn Marie Khan as Shahana: The confident interviewee who hopes for a job to save money for a TV for her father and a fridge for her mother. She finds Rajeev during her wait for the interview and decided to give him tips.

Neeraj Madhav as Rajeev: The underconfident fellow interviewee who has moved from Kerala to Mumbai and is finding it difficult to get a job in the city.

Ishq Mastana – Episode 6

Skand Thakur as Kabir: The seemingly spoilt brat who goes on a date with Mehr as a rebound, but finds himself at a protest. What follows changes his views on life.

Tanya Maniktala as Mehr: The blunt social activist who calls Kabir to a protest as a date. She eventually learns that there’s more to him than just being a spoilt brat, and warms up.

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