Fatma ending explained: The traumatic downfall

A tale of a cleaning lady turned serial killer, ‘Fatma’ is a six-part Turkish thriller web series on Netflix. In pursuit of finding her missing husband and driven by traumatic experiences, Fatma Yilmaz gets wrapped in multiple murders, realising her ability to commit crimes.

The story starts with Fatma’s (Burcu Biricik) interrogation in the present day about the murders she is suspected to have been involved in. The flashback shows her searching for her husband Zafer, who went missing after being released from prison.

His ex-boss Bayram (Mehmet Yilmaz Ak) tells her about her husband’s debts. She visits Sevket and impulsively shoots him with Bayram’s stolen gun. She reaches his office to return the weapon but runs away as the police show up.

A man follows her to the railway station and threatens her to return the money her husband took for their autistic son. She pushes him in front of the train. Bayram reaches Fatma’s house and orders her to work for him and kill Ekber.

She gets trapped by her landowner, Ismail (Deniz Sen Hamzaoglu) and ends up pushing him from an upper floor of a construction site to escape. A lawyer then informs her about her husband signing the settlement of their son’s accident for the blood money.

She is forcefully sent to drug Ekber (owner of the mall) by Bayram where she kills him brutally, remembering an unsettled trauma. The flashback unveils her son Oguz’s accident that involved the Argah family.

Yusuf chases Fatma for the murder weapon and discloses Zafer’s location. She kills Yusuf and decides to go after her husband. She hands out the gun to Zafer as the police arrest him on suspicion.

Fatma receives a letter claiming insurance for the car responsible for Oguz’s death. What is her next step?

Fatma ending explained in detail:

The blistering act

In the final episode, Mine (Fatma’s sister) helps the police arrest Bayram, who tells her about her sister’s crimes. She reaches the author’s place to enquire about Fatma and shares her past wounds with him.

Fatma reaches Argah law office to understand the insurance claim letter. The lawyer explains that her son was found guilty because of the settlement, and she needs to pay the cost of car damage.

To serve justice to her son, she decides to take revenge on the law firm. She sets fire to the office and gets arrested for it.

The interrogation

The law firm doesn’t file any charges for the harm, and the case gets closed. The police take Fatma in custody and start interrogating her about the multiple murders in the past.

The police show her images of the victims she is suspected of killing. They exclaim that Bayram was arrested and has pointed at her for all the crimes. They ask her if she was taking the blame for anyone else, to which she doesn’t answer.

Fatma suddenly feels sick and heads out of the room. She tries escaping from there when she comes across Mine and starts running towards the terrace. The police receive evidence of Fatma and Yusuf’s pictures in a store.

Trauma and guilt

While moving upstairs, Fatma imagines all the people she killed chasing her. She reaches the terrace and hallucinates about her son standing there. She tries to reach out to him but finds nothing.

Mine comes after her and tells her to move away from the edge. She confesses that she remembers the past trauma and apologises for staying quiet about it. Fatma gets intimidated and pushes her sister in an impulsive act.

She recalls her son’s accident and realises she was responsible for it. Driven by the guilt, Fatma jumps off the building. The last scene shows her lying on the top of a car as she opens her eyes.

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