The fate of Sex Education characters absent in season 4

In Sex Education season 4, with the closure of Moordale Secondary, many students go separate ways. Hence, some of the characters from past seasons don’t return.

The fourth season explains the absence of some of the characters in the show, and at the same time, the cast members have also spoken up about why they are not returning.

Anwar and Olivia

In season 4, Aimee explains Anwar and Olivia’s absence to Otis and Eric when they meet on their first day at Cavendish College. Anwar and Olivia have enrolled in Taylor’s Secondary in Northbury, leaving only Ruby from their group at Cavendish College.

Later in the show, Ruby reveals to Otis that she isn’t friends with them anymore. Anwar and Olivia have apparently found new friends at Taylor’s Secondary.

Simone Ashley, who plays Olivia, has moved on and become a prime cast member on Bridgerton, another Netflix Original, while Chaneil Kular is gearing up for his debut film.

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Jakob and Ola

The father-daughter duo of Jakob and Ola becomes important for Otis and Jean, with Jakob and Jean having a baby in the third season. Otis and Ola had started adjusting as step-siblings.

The fate of Sex Education characters absent in season 4 1
Jakob and Ola share a moment

In the fourth season, Jean reveals that Jakob walked out on her after learning that the child is not his. Jakob’s absence kind of explains Ola’s fate too. She may have moved with her father, but the fourth season doesn’t mention her at all.

Lily and Rahim

Lily was last seen in the finale of Sex Education season 3, ending the season by kissing Ola and sharing her love for UFOs and aliens with her. Lily’s journey ended there.

Rahim was seen reading Adam’s poem for Eric. The show hinted at a potential friendship or relationship between Adam and Rahim. However, in the fourth season, Adam finds a different love interest in the form of Jem, his instructor at a farm apprenticeship program.

Sami Outalbali has not been vocal about his departure. Anyway, there was no mention of Rahim returning at all. Sex Education season 4 doesn’t address the fate of Lily or Rahim.

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