Eric Rudolph’s motives in Catching Killers season 3 explained

Catching Killers season 3 explores the case of Olympic Park Bomber Eric Rudolph and how his past, childhood, and beliefs encouraged him to commit crimes.

Eric Rudolph from North Carolina perpetrated the bombings at Centennial Olympic Park, an abortion clinic in Sandy Springs, and a lesbian club called the Otherside.

The FBI failed to find a clear suspect until a student at the University of Alabama saw Eric running away from the bombing of another abortion clinic in Birmingham. The student noted Eric’s car number and handed it to the FBI, who finally realized that this is their man.

How did Eric’s life experiences turn him into a bomber?

The FBI got in touch with one of Eric’s family members. The FBI learned that Eric is quite secretive, a loner, and has anti-government issues. The family never was in touch with Eric. He used to show up out of the blue every time they met.

When the manhunt for Eric officially began, the FBI looked into his past. He was born in Florida and moved to North Carolina with his family.

Eric lost his father when he was very young and grew up very much under Christian influence. He was very anti-gay and anti-abortion, which explains why he targeted abortion clinics and the lesbian club.

Eric Rudolph's motives in Catching Killers season 3 explained 1
FBI Agent Jim Russell talked about the manhunt on Eric Rudolph

Eric also spent time in the 101st Airborne Division as an explosive specialist, where he learned a lot about making bombs. He got kicked out of the military for testing positive for marijuana use.

It all came together. The FBI believed that his childhood, his beliefs, and being kicked out of the military encouraged him to make such moves. Eric was a survivalist who eluded many FBI agents for a very long time before getting caught by a rookie cop in 2003.

In a statement from April 13, 2005, Eric explained why he bombed the Olympic event. He claimed that he saw it as an opportunity to shame the United States for legalizing abortion. He hoped to get the event canceled after bombing it.

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