Country Comfort ending explained: Bailey’s performance

Country Comfort, which is streaming on Netflix, brings together a musical comedy set in the countryside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Bailey (Katharine McPhee Foster) is having a terrible night and has lost her career, man and home in a single blow. Added to that, she is stuck in a storm, her truck breaks down and there is no cell network. She walks to a nearby Ranch to ask for help, what happens next is a new chapter in Bailey’s life.

The Ranch is owned by Beau (Eddie Cibrian) and his 5 children who lost their mother 2 years ago. The family hasn’t been able to get over the big loss. Ever since, they have been looking for a nanny to help them out.

When Bailey knocks at their door, the kids assume her to be the nanny and are mostly impressed by her except for Cassidy (Shiloh Verrico), who is a tough nut to crack.

Bailey explains her situation to everyone and how she has nowhere to go. During all this, a tornado hits and the entire party rushes to the basement. Cassidy hasn’t shed a single tear ever since her mother’s death but confides in Bailey about her feelings.

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Beau senses his kids’ positive response to Bailey and hires her even though she’s a musician and has zero experience with children. She quickly accepts the offer.

Country Comfort ending explained in detail:

The competition

Bailey has made it to the top 5 of the competition, If she wins she’s going to sign records, go on tours and become famous. The kids are planning to celebrate the most exciting day of her life, the day of the competition, when this realization hits them.

After losing their mamma, Bailey is the only person that they’ve grown close to and consider her a part of her family. The little hearts cannot bear to lose her and they all are crying.

However, they come together as a family to support her on her most important day and help her to conquer her dream of becoming a famous country musician.

Cassidy, on the other hand, hasn’t taken it well. She doesn’t come to the gala but after constant persuasion by her father, she gives in.

Boone’s second betrayal

Bailey was in a relationship with Boone (Eric Balfour) for the past 9 years before he broke up with her to replace her with a younger singer in the group. Bailey, owing to her large heart, gave him one more chance and made him a part of her success.

Boone proposes to her, which she gracefully denies but asks him to be her singing partner.

A few hours before Bailey’s finale performance, Boone gets a call to be a part of the opening act of Keith Urban’s Australia Tour and he accepts the offer without even consulting with Bailey.

Boone then breaks the news to Bailey and she’s devastated. Bailey realizes how selfish the man is and throws him out of her green room.

She’s heartbroken for letting Boone do the same thing to her once again.

The performance

Heartbroken, Bailey is in no position to perform. Beau tries to persuade her a lot but fails, she is not in a good space.

She asks Beau to tell Dylan to inform the producer that she will not be able to perform. He conveys the same. Meanwhile, Bailey packs her stuff to leave. The kids are all worried about her.

When they are all about to leave the gala, Rocky Jackson- who is going to choose the winner, announces Bailey’s performance. She is confused as she had denied performing.

She is shocked to see all the kids in position on the stage to perform with her. They let go of their insecurity and become her strength when she needs it the most, like family. They motivate her to come up and perform.

As a result, the show ends on a brilliant musical note.

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