Castlevania season 4’s burning questions answered

Netflix released season 4 of its western anime series ‘Castlevania’, which is based on the video game series with the same name. 

During the course of the season, Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades find a string of attempts at resurrecting Dracula. After reaching Targoviste, the Romanian city where Lisa was executed in season 1, they become a target of Varney, a vampire from London who was part of Dracula’s court.

Adrian Tepes aka ‘Alucard’ takes a separate path. After facing betrayal in season 3, he finds solace in saving the people of Danesti village from the threat of vampires and night creatures, being convinced by their head, Greta, to help them.

Overall, there was lot packed into the season and few of the events might have left you with doubts. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

What was Carmilla’s last resort?

Imagine spending the entire season 3 planning and plotting to become the supreme vampire ruler and ending up getting killed by a human. Isaac entered her castle, uninvited of course, and managed to reach Carmilla with a little help from his old friend Hector.

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After dominating the fight with his army of night creatures, Isaac backs Carmilla into a corner. With no escape in sight, she decides to stab herself in the heart (one of the ways to slay a vampire) and create an explosion that would kill Isaac as well.

Sadly for her, one of his night creatures shields him with its body and Isaac survives, and decides to rebuild the world as a better place. Talk about character growth.

What was Varney’s real identity?

Nobody seemed to know who he is, and you wouldn’t fault them. Turns out, Varney is actually Death. No, he’s not a reincarnation of death itself, but merely a vampire-like spirit that feeds on what leaves the body of the living after they die, which is why he took on the name.

He also disguised himself as The Alchemist and manipulated Saint Germain into resurrecting Dracula. He finally reveals his true identity right when Germain is in the middle of trapping Dracula and Lisa into the body of a rebis, a being that is both male and female.

Why did Death want to resurrect Dracula?

After casually being part of Dracula’s court as Varney, Death was no stranger to how terrifying the ruler of vampires could be. After the death of Lisa, Death expected a feast of all those he would kill as revenge.

But his dreams were cut short when Trevor, Sypha and Alucard managed to kill Dracula. His goal has since been to resurrect him in the body of the rebis, as being trapped with his wife would leave him deranged and his rampage would be on an unimaginable scale.

How did Trevor kill death?

After Trevor manages to act quickly and destroy the rebis with a four-sided blade (a callback to cross weapons used by the Belmonts in the games), he comes face to face with Death itself, who has absorbed powers of the Saint Germain’s Infinite Corridor key to become stronger.

Over the course of the season, Trevor had been collected the pieces of treasures belonging to the royal family in Targoviste. He reveals in episode 10 that these were pieces to an ancient dagger created by a “mad wizard blacksmith to enact a one-sided suicide death pact with God”.

The catch with the powerful dagger was that its user would also die after killing the entity it is used upon.

Trevor is dominated for most of the fight, not to mention being on the receiving end of Death’s hurtful insults. But he somehow manages to regain his resolve and goes on an onslaught with his Morning Star Whip.

Using the resulting explosions as a distraction, he manages to blindside Death and use the enchanted dagger to slay the spirit once and for all, expecting his own demise as the consequence of using the weapon. (Wait, did Saint Germain touch his Infinite Corridor key? This should be good.)

How did Trevor survive his battle with death?

After successfully killing Death, Trevor is missing for weeks, both Sypha and Alucard assuming him to be dead. Sypha reveals she is pregnant, which makes more sense of Trevor’s last request to her before the battle, not to name their children “Trefor”. Yikes, was that even a consideration?

But surprise, surprise! Trevor returns in the final episode, reaching Alucard’s castle on the back of a horse. According to him, the only explanation would be Saint Germain used his key to transport him to the Infinite Corridor, and he woke up by the North Bank of Danube.

Looks like the scholar did redeem himself in the end after that horrifying rebis episode.

How did Dracula and Lisa come back to life?

In the conclusion of the final episode, two mysterious figures enter an inn. Turns out it’s Dracula and Lisa, very much alive. But don’t ask how, even they have no idea. It definitely involves the Infinite Corridor, since the pair was last seen re-entering it. All that’s officially revealed is they randomly woke up in a field. Let the theories begin.

Good decision on not going back to the castle though, the poor boy Alucard has had enough trauma for the time being. But “perhaps, one day in the future”?

Is season 4 the last of Castlevania?

Trevor and Sypha have reunited. Alucard is clearly smitten by Greta, and she reciprocates. Heck, even Dracula and Lisa have a second chance in the world of the living.

The series also manages to come a full circle. It starts with the union of Dracula and Lisa, and ends with their reunion in the real world. Sounds like a pretty decisive conclusion to us.

And that’s Netflix’s opinion as well. This series is done and dusted, but there’s a spin-off coming up on Richter Belmont (Trevor and Sypha’s son).

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