Below Zero ending explained: Who survives the darkness?

Netflix’s new Spanish action-thriller movie, Below Zero directed by Lluís Quílez has been topping the Netflix’s Top 10 list. It stars which stars Javier Gutiérrez, Karra Elejalde, Luis Callejo and Patrick Criado.

Below Zero released on the platform in January 2021 and starts as a usual action movie where Police officer Martin is assigned transportation of dangerous prisoners. And, as he drives the truck through the dark chilly night, things turn grim and intense.

In the middle of assignment, the operation goes wrong as a mysterious figure intervenes to take over the truck, while the other prisoners desperately try to use this opportunity to escape, adding to the chaos.

From its inflexible action sequences to ambiguous motives of the characters, there are plenty of questions that has left viewers confused and in need for an explanation.

Here’s the Below Zero ending explained in detail:

What led to what?

Below Zero begins with a hooded man trying to find the whereabouts of a woman. He then beats another unknown man and buries him alive.

After this, the main plot begins where a routine assignment of transportation of prisoners is taking place, but the truck is attacked by an unidentified assailant. Officer Martin who is also the in-charge, is locked alone in the truck with the prisoners as all of his colleagues are shot dead by the attacker, who is revealed to be someone called Miguel.

Miguel hijacks the truck and explains that he is only after one prisoner, Nano.

Some gruesome, dark exchanges take place and when Miguel doesn’t get what he wants, he drives the truck to a frozen lake, and unfortunately, the massive truck breaks the ice and sinks.

The nerve-wracking incident and sub-zero conditions make it hard for them to survive. Unexpectedly, Martin’s life is saved when a convict named Ramis gives him CPR, knowing very well that saving the police officer means Ramis can be taken back to jail.

Did Ramis survive?

Yes, Ramis was able to save his life from the wreckage but it was Martin who gives him a new life by breaking the rules and letting him go.

Near the end, Martin finds Nano and Miguel in a deserted village, where Nano hides to save his life from his blood thirsty pursuer.

Who really is Miguel?

Do you remember the hooded guy at the beginning of the movie who buried an unknown man alive? Yes, it was Miguel, who is now after Nano, but he has a motive behind this.

Martin tries to stop Miguel from shooting Nano, but his infuriation leads him to point the gun at Martin himself. He would have shot anyone who came in his way, but when Martin tells him that he has two daughters, he lets him go.

Miguel, is revealed to be a former police officer who has a dark and painful past and he has been hunting Nano and Chino (earlier buried alive) for a long time.

He then reveals how the two convicts raped his 13-year-old daughter to death and left her body at an unidentified place. Miguel wants to know the location which only Nano is aware of.

Why did Martin save Nano?

Martin was still unsure about Nano being guilty, but above all, he didn’t want the former police officer, Miguel to commit a crime in the fit of revenge.

He battled the two and pointed the gun at Nano, just when a helicopter and police vehicles came in. This left Nano taunting Miguel about not telling him the location of his daughter’s dead body.

One last time, Martin breaks the rule and shoots Nano’s hand, the pain leads Nano revealing the location to Miguel.

Where did the three of them end up?

Below Zero’s climax only shows Martin, clearing out his locker and leaving the police station. He has a smile on his face which signifies he is at peace about making the right decision by shooting Nano’s hand which did justice to Miguel because he got to know where his daughter’s body is.

Although Below Zero was all action, blood, and crime, it is the second half which provides the viewers the reasons, motives, and answers, ultimately making it a good watch.

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