Behind Her Eyes ending explained: The climactic twist

Behind her eyes is 6 episodic psychological thriller which released on Netflix on February 17, 2021. The web series stars Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman and Simona Brown in key roles.

Created by Steve Lightfoot, Behind Her Eyes is a story of a single mother, Louise, when she meets her psychiatrist boss, David, and begins an affair with him. Her life becomes a world of mysterious and twisted mind games when she befriends his creepy wife, Adele.

The web series is based on Sarah Pinborough’s thriller novel Behind Her Eyes published in 2017. The book was in the news for its unexpected ending. The hashtag #WTFThatEnding and a sticker promising “the most shocking ending you’ll read all year” also created the buzz.

Netflix too, used the line “Behind Her Eyes is a new thriller based on the best-selling book… yes, the book with *THAT* ending.” Though, the story at the beginning seems like a love triangle but it soon takes a shape of tangled thriller with the characters having multiple dimensions.

Here’s Behind Her Eyes ending explained in detail:

Who is Rob, how did he die and who killed him?

Adele was a teenager when a fire broke out in her family estate killing her parents, but luckily Adele was saved by a farm boy named David. The traumatic incident left young Adele in shock and she was sent to a rehabilitation facility.

There she met a young boy named Rob and became his friend. When Adele introduces Rob to David as her fiancé, Rob immediately fell in love with him and his obsession for David grew more when he saw the couple, David and Adele, with each other.

The mystery finally starts to unfold as Adele tells Rob that she can astral project and Rob, keeping in mind his obsession and intentions, convinces Adele to teach him and try astral projecting in each other’s bodies.

Adele and Rob swap their spirits and taking an advantage of this, Rob kills Adele (who is in Rob’s body) with an overdose of heroin. Rob-as-Adele dumps the body in an old, scary well.

So, it is now Rob’s spirit in Adele’s body who is desperately in love with David and is trying to control his life. Rob-as-Adele has been trying to frame David for murdering Adele in Rob’s body, a crime he committed.

Who dies in the fire at David’s home?

Rob-as-Adele cunningly plots the whole trap. As he gets to know, that David is now in love with Louise (main lead and David’s secretary), he plans to turn Louise against David.

When this doesn’t happen and David leaves to prove to the court that he is not guilty of murdering Rob (which is actually Adele in his body), Rob-as-Adele plays another mind game. He writes the letter proving David’s innocence so that the love of his life is saved. Note that no one knows that it is Rob in Adele’s body.

Now, Rob-as-Adele sends this message to Louise as well and conveys to her that Adele is ready to free David from the trap but is not ready to face the consequences of her crimes and that’s why she sets the whole house on fire.

Louise, being a good person, rushes to save Adele from the fire but is unable to. So, she tries to attempt astral projection so that Adele is able to save herself from the fire.

As soon as, Louise astral projects and swaps their spirits in each other bodies, the game gets dirtier. Now, it is Rob in Louise’s body and Louise in Adele’s body. And then happens what is feared the most. Rob-as-Louise gets inside the house, kills Louise (Louise’s spirit in Adele’s body).

Does Louise seem different?

Again, Rob’s obsessive love for David makes him commit another crime. Now, it is Rob in Louise’s body and both Louise and Adele are dead. Rob-as-Louise is on another new track to unite with his love, David.

No one knows the truth, not even David who is happy because he believes that he is going to marry and start afresh with his love, Louise.

The last scenes were really scary as, David and Rob-as-Louise start their married life but Louise’s son is clearly able to catch the difference in his mother.

The “WTFThatEnding” element

The ending shows that Rob (now in Louise’s body) is onto a new life with David and Adam. And, this is the WTFThatEnding element, the story tragic deaths of Adele and Louise and the reality of Rob is still unknown to the hero, David.

What happened with Adele and Louise can become anyone’s reality in the future because the real murderer, Rob lives on.

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