Asur ending explained: Shubh v/s DJ and Nikhil

Voot Select’s crime thriller web series ‘Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side’ came out in March last year and received acclaim from both critics and audiences.

Nikhil Nair (Barun Sobti), former CBI forensic officer, is unhappy with his teaching role at FBI HQ and yearns to be back in action, leading to issues with his family.

When a serial killer only sends Nikhil co-ordinates of his victims, he is pulled into a game of cat and mouse against a mass murderer alongside his former mentor, senior forensic expert Dhananjay Rajput aka DJ (Arshad Warsi).

Shocking twists come to light as the plot unfolds. With so much happening in Asur, it’s easy to miss out on how it all concludes.

The ending of Asur explained in detail:

10 years ago and the present day

The full story of Shubh’s thirst for revenge is finally divulged. A decade before the events of the web series, DJ had him arrested for killing his father.

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Due to lack of proof but convinced that Shubh was too dangerous to be free, DJ had fabricated evidence as well as his birth certificate. Officially stated to be over 18, this prevented him from being treated as a juvenile.

Nikhil protests but DJ refuses to listen, even when the former says he will quit the CBI if this continues.

In the present day, Nikhil is captured and forced comes up with a plan for the person claiming to be Shubh to kill DJ, but it involves the killer entering jail himself.

Nikhil manages to get his hands on his captor’s fingerprints through a glass of water he gave him and escapes after unlocking the door through the scanner.

The real Shubh

The torture of a female journalist, a Hindu preacher and an Islamic preacher by one of the two men speculated to be Shubh continues in the backdrop.

Meanwhile, Lolark (Sharib Hashmi) starts to get suspicious about Rasool, a hacker working for the CBI to track the killer.

DJ manages to subdue the man attempting to kill him in jail, who reveals that he is not the real mastermind. Believing this to confirm Kesar Bhardwaj (Gaurav Arora) as the actual Shubh, DJ begins to interrogate him.

In a shocking twist, a notebook which fell from Rasool’s bag reveals demonic sketches which Shubh drew since childhood, finally revealing Rasool to be the real Shubh. When Lolark sees the notebook, the ‘Asur’ hits him on the head and ties him to a chair.

Asur’s final game

DJ continues to interrogate Kesar, still under the impression that he is Shubh, who challenges him to take three pills, each of which will win DJ an important piece of information and taking all three would take his life but the three people being tortured would be freed.

When DJ takes the first pill, Kesar tells him the location of the three captives: VNS chemical factory in Okhla. The second pill reveals that they are in C wing, chamber 8.

The final part of Shubh’s game is all about proving that DJ would never sacrifice his life for others. Similarly, he gives Nikhil the option of choosing between his daughter Rhea and the captured, believing he would never make the sacrifice.

Much to his shock, both choose to make the sacrifice and the three are freed. Even DJ is saved because his subordinate Nusrat (Ridhi Dogra) had called the ambulance beforehand, leaving Shubh empty-handed from the entire plan.

Lolark taunts Shubh for his loss, who shoots him dead in return. Rhea is poisoned by her babysitter who turns out to be a part of Shubh’s faction and the female journalist shoots the Islamic preacher even after escaping, highlighting the dark side of human nature.

Still reeling from the loss of Rhea, Nikhil’s wife Naina (Anupriya Goenka) leaves him for his decision to sacrifice their child.

DJ tries talking to Nikhil, but the latter blames him for the entire tragedy which was set in motion due to his actions 10 years ago. The real Shubh, who was only identified by Lolark and still believed to be Rasool by everybody else, stops Nikhil from hitting DJ in anger and takes him away.

The final scene shows DJ set his unsettling gaze on the real Shubh, hinting that he might be suspicious of his true identity and the unfinished battle is poised to continue.

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