All the heroes in Queer Eye season 7

Netflix’s lifestyle makeover reality series, Queer Eye returned with its seventh season with a focus on seven different cases of everyday heroes braving through one issue or another in their lives.

Queer Eye is a unique makeover series in that it does do what it boasts about — which is to do more than just a makeover. The people who the Fab Five help turn into their more confident selves this season are all delightful bunch of wholesome and inspiring individuals.

Even the gruff deli owner turns out to be adorable and really understanding of what he needs to change in order to be closer to his loved ones. Meanwhile, the fraternity brothers really turn out to be a bunch of brave and secure individuals who don’t shy away from opening up and lending a shoulder to their friends.

The frat boys

The boys of the Lambda Chi fraternity boys are the heroes that the Fab Five take on as their first makeover mission. Contrary to the notions popularly held regarding frat boys, these young men are so much more than just the typical caricatures, even if they do embrace and practice some of the stereotypes associated with fraternities.

The boys live amidst some really ick-inducing environments, and it’s a struggle for the Fab Five to navigate through the smelly crevices, the musty cushions, and piles upon piles of garbage.

However, they get on working and address in front of the boys what their issues are and how to solve them. The boys go through hair and clothes makeovers, while their fraternity house goes through an awe-inspiring makeover too. Meanwhile, Karamo gets them to open up and be vulnerable in a way they had never been able to before.

These heroes end up making big strides and hold the big event where the alumni arrive and are impressed by the state of things, ready to make donations for varied causes.


Stephanie, a lesbian sports superfan struggles with her identity and sexuality, with an event years ago that transpired at a restaurant triggering inside her a collapse of confidence and worsened to the point where her internalized homophobia made her distant from her lover.

This is a problem as she and her girlfriend of several years are about to move into their own home, but Steph’s persisting issues make it hard to take the next step before they’re solved. Karamo and others help Steph come to terms with her sexuality and raise her confidence, before giving her a makeover and gifting the couple a fully furnished home.

Stephanie is more confident and cheerful now, and as she celebrates herself with her loved ones, she kneels on one knee and proposes to her girlfriend, who says yes.


Speedy suffered a traumatic car accident that took away from him his mother and aunt and left him paralyzed chest down. However, he perseveres through all pain and disabilities. All he needs is the confidence he once had as well as the drive to interact with other people and open up about his trauma.

Speedy Queer Eye season 7
Image source: Netflix

The Fab Five manage to do all that with Speedy and make a couple of breakthroughs, before giving him an apartment of his own and a makeover.

Jennie Seckel

Jennie Seckel is a principal at a charter elementary school and devotes her life to her students. Meanwhile, she suffers from insecurities about her beauty and appearance. The Fab Five arrive and get on working with her.

She gets a hair makeover, along with a boost in her confidence to help her find beauty in herself just the way she is.


A gruff and workaholic deli owner, Dan goes through the days and much of the evenings grinding at his business. This prevents him from spending quality time with his girlfriend, which is the most important thing for her, and Dan recognizes this.

The rescuers-cum-makeover-artists arrive and get to the roots of the issue, digging into Dan’s work obsession, his past, the relationship he’s had with his father, and how it informs his current life.

Dan works alongside the men and works out his issues, taking a new leap forward and promising to find more time for his girlfriend, who’s elated at this new version of him.

Mary Henderson-Uloho

Mary was incarcerated for years and after her release, has devoted herself to helping others like her find a footing in the outside world. Meanwhile, she has accumulated guilt for not being there for her children when they were growing up.

This, along with her obsession with her work, has distanced herself from her kids. The crew arrives and helps her out with her makeover, which also helps her take the first step toward reaching out to her children and grandchildren.


Michael is the last hero of Queer Eye season 7. He’s a 31-year-old farmer who does gardening and grows a variety of crops for his community. However, he’s struggled with confidence and self-worth all his life. Being a mixed person, he’s never been able to fully related to one culture.

These childhood issues persisted way into his childhood to the age where he’s at right now, where he’s a capable person who attracts people but still lacks the confidence to take initiative and the stage.

The Fab Five help him regain his confidence after addressing his past and the difficulties that informed it. Michael embraces the flashier parts of his personality while he goes through a makeover. Meanwhile, his abode is transformed into a new, glistening, and hotel-like place suitable for a comfortable life for him and his fianceé.

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