AK vs AK ending explained: Who won the war?

Much before the release of AK vs AK on Netflix, there was anticipation about what to expect. While the premise appears to be real footage, the plot is not.

The film has received mixed and rave reviews. From one perspective, it even seems like a new milestone for commercial experimental cinema.

It is not hard to tell that the film is shot in a small duration of time. The long takes become proof of the earnest efforts from the cast.

What does leave the viewers surprised, is its end. The plot initially appears to be led on by Anurag Kashyap as he lays a trap for Anil Kapoor and kidnaps his daughter Sonam.

But as the film progresses, the sly grin disappears from Kashyap’s face as he realises that the script is not playing out as expected.

How did Kashyap start losing at his own game?

Half-way through the film, Kapoor catches hold of the driver who had abducted Sonam on Kashyap’s command. When interrogated, the driver says that Sonam is held captive at Kashyap’s parents’ house in Versova.

This is when Kashyap vehemently starts arguing that he is lying because that is not where he had kept her. But when Kapoor breaks into his house, Sonam is absent. But so are Kashyap’s parents.

This hints towards the involvement of another person in the crime, someone other than the director and actor.

Which AK won the war?

As the climax approaches, it is shown that Kashyap might be behind all this fuss and is only pretending to be unaware. And this is exactly what the media portrays, too.

But the major revelation takes place in the last 10 mins of the film. Anil Kapoor was the person behind the entire abduction and filming. It is revealed that right after his public spat with the director, he convinced his assistant director Yogita to fool Kashyap into believing that this abduction is an original plan that will ruin Kapoor’s image.

By doing so, Kapoor stars and acts wonderfully in a Kashyap directorial (something he begs for in the beginning) and also wins Best Actor Award. Apart from this, he also proves himself to be worthy.

This complete turn of tables was unexpected, and even for ones who might have seen it coming, it was put together quite efficiently.

To simplify it even further, here are Anil Kapoor and director Vikramaditya Motwane answering fan questions about AK vs AK:

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