Adam Sandler’s Netflix productions ranked

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Adam Sandler is one of those actors people either love or hate, or maybe love to hate but there’s really no in-between.

However, Sandler’s fans have been flocking to Netflix to stream his original productions. In fact, his films regardless of good or bad have garnered two billion views since 2015. 

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s detective comedy Murder Mystery raked in 73 million viewers, making it the second most-streamed Netflix original in 2019.

Sandler’s production company Happy Maddison initially signed an exclusive four-film contract with Netflix back in 2014, which was then upgraded to add four more films in 2017. Netflix showed no signs of slowing down and extended their deal with Sandler for another four films this year onwards. 

Netflix is basically going to keep producing more Adam Sandler films whether audiences want them or not, so here’s all of Sandler’s Netflix productions and roles ranked:

  1. Uncut Gems

Sandler’s performance in Uncut Gems as Howard Ratner, a charismatic and opportunistic New York City jeweler took everyone by surprise. It’s arguably Sandler’s best performance in his entire cinematic career and it’s unlike any of his previous performances. The man is basically a ball of stress throughout the entire film, his performance is gripping and the viewer instantly feels anxious for him yet you’re still rooting for him. This is proof that a talented supporting cast and smart directors can extract an incredible performance from him. Sandler’s performance truly was an Oscar snub.

2. Meyerowitz Stories

In Meyerowitz Stories, Sandler manages to shine amongst a cast that includes Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Ben Stiller, Grace Van Patten, Rebecca Miller, and Candice Bergman. Now, that’s one hell of a performance. Sandler is sensational in this family drama that follows the reunification of a third-generation Jewish family in Manhattan. Sandler isn’t his usual loudmouth caricature version of himself, he delivers a nuanced comedic performance, which gels well with the rest of the stellar cast.

3. Murder Mystery

The pairing of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston is what sold this movie. Sandler and Aniston previously started together in 2011’s rom-com hit Just Go With It, they had undeniable chemistry, which they did bring forward- to Murder Mystery as well. Sandler plays a beat-cop who’s lying about being a detective to his wife (played by Aniston) who’s a hairdresser obsessed with murder mystery books. The couple finds themselves on a European billionaire’s yacht. The billionaire is killed, Sandler and Aniston’s characters take it upon themselves to find the killer. The film is entertaining, doesn’t rely on toilet humour, and has an interesting cast. An easy watch.

4. The Week Of

I was personally excited to see Chris Rock and Adam Sandler work together again as I enjoy their chemistry, The Week Of was a reasonable display of it. The story follows two dads (Rock and Sandler) whose kids are getting married. This isn’t a perfect movie but there are a few laugh out loud moments. It’s mature-themed, lighthearted family entertainment with a decent ending. 

This is where the list gets a bit weird as no one really understands the creative motive behind these films. Sandler obviously cashed out. The following films take place in the latter half of the 2010s and find Sandler’s work to be a bit repetitive.

5. The Ridiculous 6

The Ridiculous Six was Sandler’s first official Netflix production. A parody of The Magnificent Seven. The Ridiculous Six is a western about Sandler’s character Tommy, he finds out that he has five half brothers as a result of his promiscuous father. The half-brothers unite to find their estranged father. The film is heavily racist and misogynistic, it uses dated stereotypes as humour punch lines. Honestly, not worth a watch.  

6. Sandy Wexler

Sandy Wexler is a two-hour film where Sandler literally plays a version of his own real-life talent agent Sandy Wernick. Sandler just roasts his agent for the duration of the film. Sandler’s acting isn’t all that bad, he has a few humourous ticks. However, the jokes just seem to miss and the script is poor. The best thing about this film is the special cameos. 

7. The Do-Over

Finally, we’re at the last entry and of course, The Do-Over has to be it. It seems like Sandler did this film just so his long time collaborator David Spade would have some work. 

What era of Sandler are you a fan of? Let us know below!

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