A Week Away ending explained: Will’s life-changing summer

A teenage romantic-musical, Netflix’s A Week Away takes us on a journey with Will (Kevin Quinn) who has not only lost his parents but also his faith in god. What happens at the camp changes him for the better.

Unlike people his age, Will has not had a normal teenage life. Since his parents’ death, he has shifted over from many schools, been a part of many foster families but none has soothed his aching heart.

He is also involved in certain acts of vandalism and most recently the theft of a cop car. It leaves Mark (Ed Amatrudo),in-charge of Children and Family Services, with no choice but to send him to juvie. Will is helpless.

Just then, as if by god’s grace, Kristin (Sherri Shepherd) comes to see Mark with his son George (Jahbril Cook). They are willing to foster Will over the Summer and want him to accompany them to the Church Camp.

Will is skeptical about the camp bit but between going to a summer camp and juvie, he chooses or is forced to go to the camp.

Does a week away at the summer camp have the power to turn Will’s life 360 degrees?

A Week Away ending explained in detail:

Will’s truth

Will is having the time of his life at the camp and is trying to impress people, especially his love interest Avery (Bailee Madison). But all this time, he is afraid of sharing his truth with everyone at the camp fearing judgement.

Will tells everyone that he is George’s cousin and is visiting him from Philadelphia over the summers.

His feelings for Avery grow and the two bond over many things, especially the loss of parents. Will subconsciously feels bad for lying to Avery and wants to tell her the truth.

His tongue even slips when he mentions that he lives with his brother in New York but he doesn’t seem to gather the courage to accept the truth in front of her.

Sean (Iain Tucker), a fellow camper, feels that Will is stealing his thunder and wants to know his truth. He breaks into the office one night to go through Will’s files.

He confronts Will with his lie and forces him to run away from the camp. In the meantime, he even breaks the news to Avery.

Did it mean anything?

After finding out what Sean has done, Avery runs up to his bunker but he has already left. She goes to her father and asks for his car keys.

She thinks that he will understand her and she can get him back to the camp.

Avery takes the car and is finally able to get hold of Will mid-way, who is really hurt and in a bad mood. Avery tries to talk to him and tells him that out of everyone, she cares and so does God.

Will disagrees with this and says that God left him alone without his parents, he has been surviving all alone and he wasn’t there to protect him.

Tired, Avery asks Will if all this, the camp, their friendship, the memories that they all shared, did it mean anything to him? In anger, Will denies and she goes back to the camp defeated.

Will is a bad liar

After Avery’s confrontation, Will certainly realizes that the camp, Avery, George and the memories did mean a lot to him and it was a bad decision to run away. He was just lying to her.

He returns to the camp for his finale performance, apologizes to Avery and leads his team to victory.

On the last day, even Sean comes up to him and apologizes for what he did.

While George is bidding adieu to Will and confessing how much fun he had with him, his mother comes up to Will and proposes to adopt him. Will is on cloud 9. George and he are no longer fake-cousins, they are brothers!

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