5 tips For savvy Amazon Prime Video streamers

We know you have been streaming via the Amazon video service for a while now, but are you making the most of the platform? There is only one way to find out. Follow our list of top tips to get the best out of the service – and see if you pick up a few tricks.

Saving your Data

There are different streaming quality options on the Amazon Prime Video platform that you can choose from. When looking at the options, which range from Good to Better and Best, you get an idea of how much data you will spend on the video.

The good news is that ‘Good’ quality is also great, so try that from time to time.

Accessing Locked Content

Many Amazon Prime video subscribers have lost access to certain content when they changed locations. Sometimes, you might not be able to access some show that your friend in another part of the world recommended to you.

This is not your fault. The content creators have simply locked you out of getting the said content. This does not mean you have to resign to fate, though.

You should connect your Fire TV or Fire Stick to a VPN, and connect to a server in a supported location. Thus, the video servers see your device as surfing the net from a supported location, thus allowing you access to the said content.

Parental Controls

You don’t need to open a new Amazon prime video account for your kids just to ensure they do not see inappropriate content. Your account can be shared with them, only with the right parental controls.

The prime video parental controls allow you to choose a rating of 7+, 13+, and 18+ for your kids. Should they try to punch above their age rating, they would be prompted to enter a five-PIN password that you have set.

The advantage here is that you can exclude your own device from the parental control settings. So, while it is active for the kids, you don’t have to press a code whenever you want to watch the content of choice.


The internet on the subway might not be great, but you would like to catch up with your favorite series on the way home anyway. What to do? Simply download the content beforehand.

Downloading will save the desired content onto the app for you so that you can access it offline later.

However, note that not all shows and movies are currently available for download. 

Tweak Subtitles

You don’t have to take what the Amazon video streaming service gives you when it comes to subtitles.

There is a rectangular speech bubble icon on the screen which represents subtitling. Click on this during playback to bring up the subtitle menu. Here, you can turn them off or on.

You also get to tweak the way the subtitles appear here (for web viewers). Here, you can do anything from adjusting the size of the subtitles to what color they appear in.

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