Zombies 3 ending explained: What do the aliens want?

A Disney+ original movie, Zombies 3 is the third and concluding chapter of the Zombies trilogy and the sequel to the 2020 film Zombies 2.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Things are better than ever in Zed and Addison’s final year at Seabrook. The community has finally come to terms with having monsters live in Seabrook and has developed into a haven for both monsters and people.

As the first Zombie to ever attend college, Zed is about to receive a football scholarship and is eager to join Addison, who has already been accepted.

Cheer squads from across the world have been invited to compete in an “international cheer-off” to celebrate the opening of the town’s brand-new “cheer pavilion.” But things take a turn when Seabrook has unexpected guests.

The village is startled by the appearance of a brand-new alien outsider group, the Aliens, who turn up to participate in the cheer-off.

The monsters and people of Seabrook become wary of the aliens even though they reluctantly permit them to stay for the competition. They suspect that the aliens may be after more than just a pleasant competition.

The aliens are immediately assimilated into Seabrook, where they master cheerleading and incorporate telekinesis and levitation into their routines. The aliens also pick up on human emotions like “love,” as well as trust, monogamy, and other nonsense. At one point, Addy must endure a truly shocking surprise while Zed frets about his future and sings about it a lot.

The aliens learned that Seabrook’s most priceless item might be the cheering trophy after mistaking the werewolves’ moonstone for it.

Towards the end, winning the trophy was the only thing the aliens wanted. Addison, who had recently learned that she was also half-alien and that the alien explorer was her grandmother, assisted them.

Addison decides to go with the aliens to help them find a home. Addison has had trouble in the past accepting her true self. This gives her an opportunity to be a part of something but Addison going away with them means that Zed and Addison will be far apart from each other.

Zombies 3 ending explained in detail:

What do the aliens visit?

The aliens’ search party headed by the clever A-spen, seeks a map that one of their alien explorers left behind on earth, specifically in Seabrook. Almost nothing was known about this alien explorer.

The map is currently the most precious item in Seabrook, as the aliens have just learned. This was linked to foreshadowing that had to do with Addison.

The aliens found that the cheerleading trophy might be the most priceless item in Seabrook after mistaking the moonstone that the werewolves thought was the most valuable item.

The aliens’ attempts to win the trophy were because they believed it would be connected to the map, which was aided by Addison, who had recently learned that she was also half-alien and that the alien explorer was her grandmother.

What Addison’s grandmother wish?

The aliens found that the prize was not on the map when the humans, werewolves, and zombies assisted them in launching their ship with the aid of the moonstone.

The alien explorer’s granddaughter Addison, rather than any material possessions, was now evident to be her most valued asset.

Addison and the other aliens came to the realization that an ideal planet is not one where everyone lives peacefully without conflict but one where people live peacefully despite disputes while seeking to find the way to the utopian planet.

The fact that Addison’s grandmother wanted the aliens to settle in Seabrook became clear to her.

Is anything possible in Seabrook?

The final moments see Addison and the other aliens arriving in Seabrook during the graduation party. Addison and Zed reunite after a brief period of separation.

The aliens became a part of the diverse community of zombies, werewolves, and humans in the little town of Seabrook, where nothing seems impossible anymore.

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