Zeke’s return in Manifest season 4 part 2 explained

In Manifest season 4 part 2, Zeke returns after sacrificing himself for Cal, but not in the way Michaela expected. Matt Long plays Zeke.

In the eleventh episode of Manifest season 4, before Michaela and Ben can escape the detention center, Zeke visits Michaela in her room. He shows up surrounded by a white light.

Michaela wonders if she is dead, and she is sure that this is not a calling. Zeke then reveals that he is in the glow. After expressing their love for each other, Michaela sees Zeke touching Chloe’s necklace, which is around his neck.

Zeke left that necklace on Chloe’s memorial years ago. It turns out that this Zeke is from 2018. He hasn’t visited the cave or met Michaela yet.

Zeke continues to appear in front of Michaela from time to time. He reveals how the glow has allowed him to see the future and how many times they almost crossed paths with each other before they originally met. Apparently, he was at JFK when Flight 828 was supposed to return. He was driving a cab around the place.

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Where does Zeke go?

Zeke’s visits don’t last long. He needed to take his rightful place in the timeline. Therefore, he started losing the ability the glow gave him of knowing who Michaela is. He starts slipping and forgets Michaela.

Zeke's return in Manifest season 4 part 2 explained 1
Michaela instructs the 2018 version of Zeke to find her

The next time Michaela sees this Zeke, she finds him in the cave. Zeke has forgotten her, but to make sure that he finds her and their story takes place the way it should, she instructs him to go to the cabin down the mountain and find her.

This move connects to how Zeke originally met Michaela back in the first season. He came to the cabin down the mountain, looking for Michaela and blurting out “Find her”.

Do Michaela and Zeke reunite?

In the finale of Manifest season 4 part 2, the divine consciousness gives some of the 828ers a second chance at life. They are taken back to 2013. This time, their plane lands safely.

Michaela remembered Zeke mentioned that he was driving a cab around the airport the day Flight 828 didn’t return. She goes outside and, fortunately, finds him before he can leave. They reunite, and Michaela takes the lead to make sure that they fall in love again.

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