Zacharis Dossier in Spy x Family explained

In Spy x Family season 1 episode 22, Twilight and Nightfall are on a mission to retrieve a document called Zacharis Dossier, which can ignite another war between the East and the West if it’s in the wrong hands.

Nightfall and Twilight’s latest mission requires them to work together and pose as tennis players to join an underground tennis tournament called Campbelldon, arranged by Cavi Campbell.

Cavi Campbell, over the years, has made his fortune in the energy business. Today, he is also an avid collector of art and antiquities.

One of his paintings, The Lady in the Sun, which is worth millions, contains clues to a document called Zacharis Dossier.

Rumors around Zacharis Dossier

The Lady in the Sun was once possessed by the late Colonel Erik Zacharis, who was part of the East’s military intelligence division. Erik Zacharis was influential in putting an end to the war between the East and the West.

It is believed that Zacharis possessed top-secret information that is now buried deep somewhere, as it could spark another war if it is made public. All of this information is comprised in this document called Zacharis Dossier.

Zacharis Dossier in Spy x Family explained 1
Erik Zacharis, the man responsible for putting an end to the war between the East and the West

It is said that Zacharis Dossier has records of human experiments and the truth behind the prisoners of war. The details aren’t clear, and for a while, no one knew where the documents are.

Now, this painting that Campbell possesses has a code hidden inside it that could lead one to the location of Zacharis Dossier.

This information for the WISE comes from a trusted source, so the duo of Twilight and Nightfall are forced to make this mission a priority.

Sooner or later, Campbell or the East Government would figure out the secret, and the war between the East and the West would be inevitable. Therefore, Twilight and Nightfall need to retrieve that document before Campbell does.

The location of the painting

The Lady in the Sun sits in the basement of Campbell Mansion, where Campbell likes to keep his art collection.

Breaking in would not be that easy, as the mansion is heavily guarded. Campbell’s Security has a connection with the State Security Service. Anyone who has tried to force their way in has been disposed of.

Infiltrating is risky, even for Twilight and Nightfall. Thus, the duo is forced to pose and join Campbell’s tennis tournament, where the winner is allowed to choose an artifact of his choice from Campbell’s collection as his trophy.

Inside Zacharis Dossier

Twilight and Nightfall manage to win Campbelldon. When the State Security Service tried to take the painting for themselves, Twilight tricked them and handed them a fake replica.

The WISE agents tracked Zacharis Dossier down. Turns out, it’s a diary filled with pictures of young theater actresses.

Erik Zacharis was obsessed with theater and used to admire the beauty of these young actresses. Erik’s wife, on the other hand, got fed up with his obsession.

The couple fought a lot, and Erik had no option but to get rid of these pictures. He created this diary to store these pictures, especially because some of these are quite rare.

He hid this diary from his wife in hopes of avoiding another fight with her.

Once, a few diplomatic corps were visiting Zacharis, and he took them to the theater. He requested them to keep this outing a secret from his wife.

From there, the rumor around Zacharis Dossier started to spread and eventually turned into something else altogether.

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