Yurika Katase: Drops of God character explained

In Drops of God, when past secrets make Issei question everything about his life, Yurika Katase becomes his confidante. Ms. Katase is played by Azusa Okamoto.

Issei has to compete with Camille for Alexandre’s inheritance. As Issei’s grandfather is a rich man, he does not approve of Issei fighting for someone else’s fortune. His mother does not support him either. 

Issei only has the support of his father, but when he loses that too, it is Ms. Katase who stands by him. She is not just candid with him, she also makes him smile, something that he is not seen doing often.

The one who influences him to fight 

When Issei’s grandfather asks him to withdraw from Alexandre’s contest, he contacts Yurika Katase, a journalist who is covering the contest. He gives her his official statement about withdrawing, and she does not hide her disappointment.

She is blunt and honest when she states that Issei is withdrawing because he is scared of losing to Alexandre’s daughter. She has done her research and was told by the students from Issei’s enology school that he was the most talented one there.

She reminds him of his love for wine and why Alexandre took him under his wing when he had never done it before with any other student. People believe that Issei is the only one who can defeat Alexandre’s daughter.

She asks him to be honest with himself and take his time to rethink his decision. This conversation gives him the push he needed to disobey his family. Issei ends up changing his mind and winning the first test.

The one who stands by his side

When Issei’s father leaves, Issei contacts Ms. Katase. He asks her to find his father because he has read her work and thinks that she can do it. She not only promises to keep this between them but also agrees to look for his father. In return, Issei agrees to give her an exclusive interview on TV.

Issei admits that he might be an arrogant aristocrat as she thinks he is. He also admits that it has been a while since he opened up to another person the way he is doing with her.

She notices how troubled he is because of his father, so she asks him to think about the reason he left. She assures him that his father did not leave because Issei said cruel things to him, which makes Issei look into his parents’ past.

Ms. Katase uses her contacts to find Issei’s father and keeps meeting him to keep him informed about the developments. 

Drops of God Yurika Katase
Issei confides in Ms. Katase

When Issei discovers that Alexandre is his real father and starts questioning everything that he knows about his life, he decides to share his secrets and troubles with Ms. Katase, which shows her that he trusts her.

He invites her to have dinner with him at his house, and Ms. Katase makes him look at the problem from his mother’s perspective. She makes him understand that his mother lied to him to protect him from other people’s judgment and rejection. 

The two of them end up sleeping together, and it is Ms. Katase who accidentally finds the answer to the second test. She accompanies him when he goes for the second test. While Issei was earlier competing against Camille with no one by his side, he now has Ms. Katase supporting him.

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