Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow (season 2) summary and ending explained

The Netflix series ‘Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow’, season 2 of the franchise, follows detective Kurt Wallander as he investigates a case involving Frida Rask’s major criminal investigation.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers


In a flat, a guy paints intricate figures before getting ready for the night. He meets his pal in the club and they discuss a transaction that is about to happen. The companion starts a battle with the bouncers, landing a blow in the nose on the man, Anton.

Outside, he meets Katja, a young woman with whom he walks to grab a coffee. However, a vehicle pursues them down a tiny alleyway; Anton pulls Katja out of the path, but is run over and murdered instantaneously.

Kurt Wallander wakes up in the middle of the night, leaves Mona at his side, drinks, and mulls about the explosion that murdered Superintendent Hemberg. He eventually visits his tomb and discovers his former partner, Frida Rask.

Wallander is really considering quitting the Malmö police department, and Rask is furious.

He chooses to return after some thought, but things have changed in the division; Hemberg’s replacement, Samuel Osei, wants procedure to be followed at all times in order to regain the faith of the neglected groups.

Even if Wallander has circumvented procedure in the past, Rask tells Osei that he is a good detective but Osei will judge for himself. When Wallander returns, the team, including his former colleague Reza Al-Rahman, greets him cordially.

Rask brings him in for a hit-and-run case; Wallander’s face was in such horrible shape that all he had to go on while canvassing people was his shirt. But this brings him to Katja, whom he must track down in order to learn what occurred that night while she was with him.

Wallander arrives at his flat after extracting an address from the victim’s phone where he is welcomed by Anton’s buddy, who has been urgently wondering where Anton is.

Following a chase, Wallander is summoned before the District Court, where he meets Osei for the first time. It’s there that he discovers Anton is Elias Fager, the man who was engaged in Rask’s first major crime investigation.

The triggering event is, unsurprisingly, a murder. It’s a clear hit-and-run to the viewers, but not so much to the cops, at least until further information about the victim is disclosed.

Elias Fager is a guy who, together with his elder brother Soren, gained headlines in his teens for abusing and murdering a teacher called Moberg.

Soren was just freed from jail after serving a lengthy sentence for the murder, while Elias was spared due to his age at the time.

Elias visited with Soren the night before he died and told him he had something vital to tell him. He was never given the opportunity.

When Elias died, he was with a woman named Katja. It appears to be a random encounter, but it turns out to be everything but that. Katja is slain before she can provide any clues, prompting even more anxiety for Wallander, who is investigating the crime.

As Wallander, Rask, and Reza begin their formal investigations, Soren launches his own. It all comes back to the instructor, Moberg, who is shown to be a paedophile by one of his victims, Alexia.

He assaulted the girls on his swim team and notes uncovered in Elias’s apartment thanking him for “saving her life” make it clear that he has a link to another of Moberg’s victims. As a result, the case becomes about revealing who the other victim was.

If you still have doubts from the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow ending explained in detail:

The real identity of Amelia

Amelia, or Mia, as it turns out, is a lawyer who has been working with Wallander’s lover, Mona, and is the daughter of the attorney general, who was the defence counsel for the Fager brothers following Moberg’s death.

Another suspect arises in the shape of Petterson, a former soldier whom Reza suspects of being the driver of the automobile that murdered Elias. Both met while recuperating from PTSD in a Mia’s father-funded programme. Mia sought Petterson’s assistance, but he made matters worse by going too far.

The true story

Petterson is eventually apprehended while attempting to ambush Soren with a sniper rifle but he refuses to provide any information concerning Mia. Her father, Edwin, gets her out of there fast when she is taken in for questioning.

However, at Elias’ burial, Soren ambushes her and holds her at knifepoint, forcing her to tell the entire narrative. She persuaded Elias to assault Moberg in retaliation for his abuse of her and he knew he could get a drunk Soren to help him out. Soren was left unconscious after the beating, so Elias went to Mia for assistance.

When she discovered Moberg badly injured in the sauna, she locked him inside and left him to die and Elias shielded her by stating Soren was the perpetrator.


Since then, Edwin has been paying Elias for his quiet. Soren was sentenced to eight years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

This is the secret Mia was attempting to keep hidden by seeking Petterson’s assistance. Even after her confession, she and her father remain untouchable; she was a kid at the time of the crime and Edwin has never been charged with anything.

Soren will be compensated handsomely for his illegal imprisonment but he will still face charges for breaking his parole.

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