You People ending explained: Do Ezra and Amira end up together?

You People is a comedy film that follows the clash of cultures between the families of Ezra and Amira when they decide to get married. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ezra runs a podcast with his friend, Mo, where they talk about white and black cultures. He is desperate for companionship but unable to find someone who truly understands him.

Fate plays its part when he mistakenly assumes Amira’s car to be a cab. To atone for this, he offers to help her reach her destination and the two hit it off.

Amira, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, Chris, finds what she seeks in Ezra. The two begin dating, but a huge obstacle is waiting around the corner.

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Ezra belongs to a Jewish family and his parents, Shelley and Arnold, try too hard to be casual around blacks. In their fascination with the culture, they end up passing racist comments.

Amira’s parents, Akbar and Fatima, are black Muslims, who have never been able to forgive white people for the slavery of blacks.

Ezra invites Amira’s parents to lunch to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage, but it backfires and he ends up spouting racist statements of his own.

He apologises to Amir, who is ecstatic about his intention to propose. He ends up going through with it without her parents and the two get engaged.

Ezra decides to quit his job and pursue podcasting with Mo full-time and gets the full support of Amira. 

The two decide to help their families bond at dinner but it goes out of control when the two sides begin arguing. Amira’s parents believe white people have had it easy while Ezra’s parents argue about their own struggle.

Despite the mess, the couple decides that they need to spend more time with each other. Ezra goes out with Akbar, while Amira takes a trip with Shelley.

The entire time, Akbar tries to scare Ezra and attempts to surround him with black people to make him uncomfortable, but he handles it well.

Shelley inadvertently keeps being racist while believing that she is the one supporting Amira, much to her annoyance.

During Ezra’s bachelor party, he figures out that Ezra does cocaine with his friends. At the same time, Shelley ruins Amira’s party by being her usual self and even accidentally taking off the wig of one of her friends.

You People ending explained in detail:

Why do Ezra and Amira break off the wedding?

Despite what he saw at the bachelor party, Akbar does not expose Ezra during his toast. Instead, he praises Ezra as a good man.

However, when Ezra tries to thank him for the words, he claims that his daughter was the sole reason he did not expose him. He still strongly believes Ezra is the wrong guy for his daughter.

Ezra has finally had enough. He criticises Akbar for always being hard on him despite the fact that all he wanted was to get along with him. He really does love his daughter.

Similarly, Amira gives Shelley a piece of her mind. In her excitement for Amira’s culture, she has been passing racist comments from the first day.

Ezra and Amira have a conversation and decide that they will never be able to get along with each other’s parents and even though they had a beautiful relationship, now’s the time to end it.

Do Akbar and Shelley realise their mistake?

Three months after breaking off the wedding, Ezra and Mo’s podcast has become highly successful. He brings up something she said earlier; Black and white people will never be cool.

She gave an analogy of a couple where the man has cheated and the woman can’t move forward because she can’t trust him again. Black people cannot trust white people due to the slavery they were subjected to before.

Ezra says he genuinely believed she was wrong after he met Amira. Despite how much they loved each other, the outside factors would never let them be together.

Akbar’s brother tells him honestly that he was too hard on Ezra and never gave him a chance, making him finally understand the error of his ways.

Amira and Ezra have been missing each other. One day, Shelley and Akbar coordinate an ‘accidental’ meeting to talk it out.

Do Ezra and Amira finally get married?

Akbar apologises to Ezra for being this harsh on him, while Shelley tells Amira that in her excitement she never realised how much she hurt her.

They also have a surprise for them; an impromptu wedding. The two finally get married with the blessings of their family members.

In the end, Akbar and Shelley look on at their happy children with a visible effort to get along with each other as well.

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