Yoon So-Hee: The Glory character explained

Yoon So-Hee is the first victim of Yeon-Jin and the company’s incessant bullying in The Glory, with her fate entailing the worst outcome among all their victims.

Yoon So-Hee’s dead body remains a subject of much upheaval all throughout The Glory, but the life that she led before her death was rife with a lot of chaos and misery as well.

Yoon So-Hee was the victim of Yeon-Jin and her group’s bullying before they moved on to Moon Dong-Eun, but only after her bullying leads to her ultimate and tragic death.


Yoon So-Hee is a student at the same school that Moon Dong-Eun attended. She was a bright and hopeful student whose future and life was ruined and ultimately vanquished by a group of inhumane bullies.

Led by the wealthy brat, Park Yeon-Jin, they all tormented her repeatedly, with Yeon-Jin finally putting an end to her life. It’s a petty and ugly treatment that leads to So-Hee’s death but she ends up standing her ground before she’s killed by the small person that is Yeon-Jin.

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It starts with Yeon-Jin spotting So-Hee wearing a knockoff dress that looks similar to what she is wearing While her friends make fun of this similarity, Yeon-Jin, obviously miffed by this trivial thing, asks So-Hee to strip down and remove the similar-looking article of clothing.

Later on, on the terrace of the school building, she confronts So-Hee again, who says it to her face this time, just how small and weak she is when she’s not surrounded by her friends.

Park Yeon-Jin The Glory
Young Park Yeon-Jin bullying So-Hee (Image source: Netflix)

Taking that bit of truth, in the same manner, she takes any and all criticism, especially levied on her by a person she deems far less valuable than herself, Yeon-Jin sets fire to So-Hee’s sweater.

As Yoon So-Hee would lunge at her in panic, Yeon-Jin pushes her away, leading to So-Hee tripping and falling over the edge of the terrace, and to her ultimate death.

Post-mortem mayhem

With the help of her mother’s wealth and the connection that it allows her with people in law enforcement, Yeon-Jin is never even suspected of killing So-Hee, as her death is ruled out as suicide and all evidence recovered from the crime scene remains unchecked.

As her dead body is sent off to the Seoul Joo General hospital, it has to be soon sent off to the morgue, but her deaf and mute mother resists the move, begging the hospital staff to not do that as she needs her daughter to be properly buried.

The former director of the hospital, and Yeo-Jeong’s father, generously decide to move the dead body to the freezer, keeping in mind that her case is unresolved and her mother so desperately wants a proper burial for her daughter.

This remains unknown to Detective Shin and Yeon-Jin for years until it doesn’t when they try to get the body out of the hospital’s freezer. However, Yeo-Jeong’s mother decides to refuse the police and deny them the handover of the corpse.

Posthumous justice

Nearly two decades after her death, So-Hee is delivered justice as Moon Dong-Eun avenges her. She concocts a daring plan to exact revenge on Yeon-Jin and her friends.

Over the course of her mission, she realizes that she’s also avenging the victim who was abused before her. One by one, Moon Dong-Eun takes out the bullies that made her and So-Hee’s lives hell.

The finality of The Glory sees Moon Dong-Eun succeed in avenging Yoon So-Hee as Yeon-Jin is finally arrested for the murder of Myeong-O and So-Hee, because of all the evidence that Moon Dong-Eun recovers from the crime scene and offers to the authorities.

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