Yhwach’s theory around Ichigo’s Blut Vene in Bleach: TYBW explained

During the battle with Yhwach, Ichigo unlocked a technique called Blut Vene that left Yhwach stunned. The seventh episode of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is now streaming on Hulu.

After taking care of Yamamoto, Yhwach ordered the Quncies to kill the remaining members of the Soul Society. Ichigo, inside Quilge’s jail, sensed the deaths taking place.

Ichigo’s rage helped him unleash his power and cut through that jail. He put Yhwach and Quincies on notice by quickly taking out one of them.

After meeting Byakuya, Ichigo stopped Yhwach from leaving. Yhwach acknowledges Ichigo’s power and realizes that he has no option but to fight him.

Yhwach managed to bring Ichigo down, but his sword failed to harm him as he used Blut Vene to protect him. Yhwach was certainly surprised, as the technique only belongs to the Quincies.

Yhwach explains how Ichigo unlocked Blut Vene

Yhwach tests Ichigo’s Blut Vene again by attacking him. After observing carefully, Yhwach assures himself that he isn’t imagining it. Ichigo did use the Quincy technique.

He regrets sending Quilge Opie to stop Ichigo. According to Yhwach, while Ichigo was inside Quilge’s jail, he used an enormous amount of Spiritual Pressure to break free.

Yhwach's theory around Ichigo's Blut Vene in Bleach: TYBW explained 1
Yhwach presents his theory on Ichigo’s Blut Vene

Ichigo’s Spiritual Pressure got mixed up with Quilge’s Spiritual Pressure. The process unlocked the memories trapped inside Ichigo’s Spiritual Pressure.

Furthermore, Quilge’s jail can’t contain Quincies, which may suggest that Ichigo has a connection with the Quincies. Yhwach admits that he planned on taking Ichigo to the castle to re-educate him.

He suggests Ichigo doesn’t know who he really is and has no knowledge about his own mother. While leaving the Soul Society, Yhwach drops another hint around this theory by calling Ichigo his son.

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