Xavier: Full Circle character explained

Xavier is one of the boys brought in from Georgetown for the kidnapping and he proves to be resilient but gets caught up in trouble soon. The character is portrayed by Sheyi Cole.

Xavier is only taken along because he is Louis’s friend but he soon shows that he is the more reliable of the two after killing their mark while Louis just froze.

He also had a girlfriend that he only spoke to on the phone but finally gets to meet now that he was going to be in the same city as her. Garmen notices that Xavier is smart and hardworking and gives him more work to do for Savitri’s plan.

His increased importance makes Aked more nervous and insecure but Xavier also slips up and gets entangled with the authorities.

Xavier: Full Circle character explained 1
He and Aked constantly clash heads with each other

Questionable loyalty

Inspector Mel Harmony approaches Xavier early on and tells him that if he agrees to be an informant, then she could help him get back home without too much trouble.

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At that point, Xavier is still unsure of what he has gotten himself into. He agrees to help and when he finds out that there might be something going on at the park, he lets her know.

However, Xavier has a change of heart, and right before they head out for the job he calls her to tell her that the job is called off. He ignores her but she follows him around and waits for her moment.

She picks him up when he’s alone and takes him to a hotel room to hide out until she can have her bosses figure out a plan. However, Xavier calls his girlfriend to the room to hang out, not aware that she’s being followed.

Paul and Len show up to the room and Xavier asks them to take him to Garmen so that he can prove his loyalty.

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