With Love season 2 summary and ending explained

In the second season of With Love, while Lily is happy with Santiago, they are still not on the same page. On the other hand, Henry is ready to take the next step with Jorge. The new season is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

It is Christmas, and love is in the air. Lily and Santiago are together, but they have still not discussed the issue of their different views on marriage. 

The other couples, Beatriz and Jorge Sr., Henry and Jorge, and Miles and Sol, are happier than ever. Even Nick has a girlfriend, Ana.

Lily is still living with Jorge, Henry, and Nick. When Henry and Nick point out that Jorge is enabling Lily by letting her stay at their place for as long as she wants, Jorge finally asks her to move out, and Lily has no choice but to move in with her parents.

At the Christmas dinner, when Marta finds a ring, Lily sees it and thinks that it fell out of Santiago’s coat pocket. She believes that Santiago is changing, and he is no longer opposed to getting married, even though they have not discussed the topic yet.

It turns out that the ring belongs to Henry. With the blessing of Jorge’s parents, he serenades Jorge and proposes in front of everyone; Jorge says yes. Santiago also has a box, but there is a key inside and not a ring.

Santiago wants Lily to move in with him, much to Lily’s disappointment. The two realize that they are still not on the same page when it comes to the future of their relationship, and they break up.

Months later, Santiago starts dating other women to move on, and Lily decides to focus on her career and buy a house of her own. Miles discovers that Luis is sick, but when he tells Marta about it with Sol, they find out that Marta already knows.

She tells them that Luis is showing signs of early stages of dementia. Meanwhile, Jorge Sr. takes Beatriz on a trip around the world, and Jorge learns to accept everything about Henry. The couple then starts preparing for their wedding.

Lily and Santiago are no longer together, but they are still friends. On Lily’s birthday, Lily spends the whole day with him, ticking off the bucket list she made as a teenager. 

It is clear that they still have feelings for each other and cannot be just friends. When Santiago brings the girl he is dating to her birthday, the two of them decide not to talk to each other about their romantic partners.  

Although Nick is dating Ana, he still likes Lily. Lily encourages him to open his own gym, and like always, he follows her advice. Nick visits a psychic, and even there, he sees Lily in his future, which confuses him further. 

Nick then confides in Jorge and tells him that he has had feelings for Lily for years, but Jorge thinks that she does not feel the same about him and advises him to move on. Ana overhears their conversation and breaks up with Nick. 

Jorge and Henry go to Vegas with Nick, Lily, Sol, and two of Henry’s friends for their bachelor party. At the same time, Santiago’s friends, Andre and Annie, decide to get married in Vegas and take him there to be their witness.

Nick tries to repress his feelings for Lily during the trip, as she thinks of him as her best friend. When he cannot take it anymore, he confesses his feelings to her. Lily is surprised, but when Henry tells her that marrying his best friend was the smartest decision he made, she decides to be with Nick.

On the other hand, Santiago keeps seeing Lily everywhere. When he witnesses his friends’ wedding, his views on marriage change. He then shows up at Lily’s house on Thanksgiving, hoping that they will get back together.

However, he finds out that she is with Nick now and gets upset. Nick is not too happy either, as he feels uncomfortable seeing Santiago and Lily’s connection. At the end of the night, Santiago ends up telling Lily that he loves her more than he hates marriage and the two of them kiss.

Jorge sees this and asks Lily to tell Nick everything. Lily has no choice but to do that. Nick is initially angry, but he also understands the situation eventually. He asks Lily to be honest with herself and choose between him and Santiago. Lily chooses Nick, even if that means not being friends with Santiago anymore.

While Nick forgives Lily and is ready to be with her, Jorge refuses to forgive her for hurting his best friend. The two get into a fight, which goes on for weeks.

With Love season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Jorge forgive Lily?

It is Jorge and Henry’s wedding day, and Jorge still refuses to talk to his sister and forgive her. In fact, he wants her to stay far away from him on his special day.

Their parents then force the two of them to talk by making them wear a sweater that they were made to wear whenever they fought as children. Now that Jorge has to listen to Lily, she tells him what happened with Santiago and that she is in love with Nick.

Jorge admits that he was just scared of losing Nick because of her, and the siblings resolve their differences. Jorge then gets married to Henry in an emotional ceremony; he even performs magic tricks for Henry as they start a new life together.

Does Lily end up with Nick?

On Jorge and Henry’s wedding day, Lily runs into Santiago at the wine shop, the way she met him for the first time. However, she makes it clear to Santiago that she is with Nick and that she cannot be friends with him.

The meeting makes her doubt her relationship with Nick, as she believes that the universe is sending her signals. She talks to her mother about it, but her mother does not believe in signs, as she believes it is easy to blame the universe for one’s choices.

Her mother asks her to forget about the signs and decide what she truly wants. Lily feels assured and chooses Nick again. Later, she tells him that she wants to get married to him one day, and Nick immediately gets on his knee to propose.

Lily does not want him to propose just yet, as they have a lot to do before they get there. For now, she just wants to look for a house with him. 

Does Santiago propose to Lily?

Santiago’s father introduces him to his girlfriend, Liz, who believes that it is not too late and that Santiago still has a chance with Lily because she is just dating Nick and is not engaged or married to him. 

Santiago cannot stop thinking about Lily and bumps his car into a woman’s car. The woman is witty and impresses him. He gets her number, not knowing that she is Lily’s cousin.

He then goes to meet Lily with a ring, but he never gets out of the car, as he sees Nick on his knee and thinks that he is proposing. Santiago decides against approaching her, as the couple seems happy to him.

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