William James Tuttle: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, William James Tuttle, also known as Bill Walters, handled the black ops program sanctioned by Miller that eliminated competition for the Silver Lotus triad. Michael McElhatton plays Tuttle.

William James Tuttle is an ex-CIA operative who was in service from 1982 to 2009. Prior to the CIA, he was an Army Ranger of the 75th. He has worked all over the world in places like Tehran, Beirut, and Karachi.

William James Tuttle instructed the black ops team that infiltrated the presidential palace of Nigeria. Once the black ops assassinated President Udoh, Tuttle cut contact and let his soldiers get caught or die.

The death of President Udoh resulted in the port of Lagos being open for the Silver Lotus triad. It allowed the triad to start its big plan. Using the port and partnership with Marquez’s cartel of Mexico, the triad planned to smuggle.

While Jack and Chavez worked together to get in touch with Chao Fah, a mole in the triad, Greer investigated who the soldiers who assassinated President Udoh were in contact with.

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Tuttle is a calm and calculative assassin who isn’t afraid of killing people who can be a problem to them. Hence, he doesn’t waste time getting rid of Miller when he becomes a loose canon.

Tuttle has a family of his own. However, this mission is a priority for him. For the most part, Tuttle’s job seems to be handling the soldiers and orchestrating attacks.

Does Tuttle get arrested?

With the help of Patrick, Greer comes close to Tuttle and the people who are secretly in this with the Silver Lotus triad. The moment Tuttle senses danger, he warns Greer to stop the investigation or else they know where Greer’s family lives.

Greer doesn’t stop, and Tuttle is forced to attack Greer, who manages to escape. Tuttle made things personal by bringing Greer’s family into this. Greer then resolves to hunt Tuttle down.

William James Tuttle: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained 1
Tuttle is brought into custody

Greer reaches out to BizHub, from where Tuttle was operating, and retrieves Tuttle’s address. Greer and his team catch Tuttle at his residence. At that time, Tuttle was instructing another team of soldiers that successfully catches Jack Ryan in Myanmar.

Tuttle aids the CIA

Tuttle is put in the CIA’s custody because Greer believes he can provide them with all the help they need with the bombs. However, all Tuttle does is hint to Greer about what is happening.

Through Tuttle, Greer learns that the five bombs meant for the United States are already on the move. Jack’s team is also able to read the data provided by Chao Fah with the help of Tuttle’s one-time pad.

Lastly, Jack’s team learns how the bombs are being moved through one of the mails sent to Tuttle, which is found at his BizHub office.

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