Wild is the Wind ending explained: Is Vusi dead or alive?

‘Wild is the Wind’ is based on a corrupt cop named Vusi Matsoso, who realises the gravity of his previous life decisions during the murder investigation of a woman. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

John Smit and Vusi Matsaso once took a bribe from a man who was over speeding, and let him go without any action against him.

Three years later, the two are in financial trouble. Vusi’s wife, Abigail, is pregnant and they desperately need money to survive and move to Johannesburg. On the other hand, John isn’t able to afford his farm anymore and needs money to prevent the bank from seizing it.

They find a stash of drugs during a raid and make a deal with the local dealer named Mongo to get enough cash for alleviating their financial stress.

When a young girl named Melissa is found murdered, John and Vusi are assigned the case, since they were the first ones to arrive at the scene of the crime. Melissa’s parents are absolutely heartbroken at the news of their daughter’s murder.

Vusi has no interest in the case since he believes that it is only getting this much interest from the police since Melissa was related to the Mayor.

However, he changes his mind as soon as he realises that the one who solves the case is set to receive a large sum of money. 

Meanwhile, Vusi inadvertently gets Abigail fired when he assaults her boss, who was insulting him. When she is worried about the money, he shows her the cash they got from the drug sale.

Abigail is horrified by how her husband managed to get his hands on this much cash, and is appalled at the thought that her husband did something illegal.

The first suspect in Melissa’s murderis her ex-boyfriend, who is brought in for interrogation. He claims that he is innocent and that they need to locate the guy she left him for.

This person, Sonnyboy, is revealed to be in the neighbourhood of Mongo. Vusi gives him a heads-up about the police showing up.

Sonnyboy is captured and interrogated. He claims that while he was dating Melissa, he had nothing to do with the murder. During the night they left the club together, a car was following them. Melissa left him and left.

Mongo takes revenge against Vusi despite the heads up. He holds Abigail and him at gunpoint and even steals the cash that he had given him in exchange for the drugs, even John’s share.

Vusi finds footage of the car and realises that the car was the same one that he and John didn’t arrest for over speeding three years ago. Abigail also leaves him to live with her mother, as she is unable to cope with what her husband did.

Wild is the Wind ending explained in detail:

Is Sonnyboy dead? 

Despite Vusi attempting to stop John, the latter cleverly gets Sonnyboy to sign a confession of murder. He did this to get the prize money and save the farm.

Vusi confronts John directly and tells him that Sonnyboy is innocent. However, John thinks that this is the best way to save his farm.

Vusi is hurt by his friend’s actions, as well as his wife leaving. He breaks into Mongo’s den to force his hand and get himself killed, but Mongo refuses.

Later, the doctor tells Vusi that the killer’s prints match and his name is Wilhelm Jooste. When Sonnyboy is being transported, Vusi again tries to tell him that the real killer is the one they let go of earlier.

Suddenly, Melissa’s parents arrive with guns. Her mother shoots Sonnyboy as she believes this is justice. John is horrified by what happened.

Does Vusi stop Melissa’s killer?

Vusi decides to track the killer down once and for all and end this. He finds Wilhelm and the two indulge in a tussle.

Wilhelm openly confesses to killing Melissa, as well as several other women. He is a psychopathic killer who derives pleasure from killing women.

He gets the better of Vusi and is about to kill him, but the latter manages to shoot him first, putting an end to his terror once and for all.

Does Vusi die at the end?

After taking Wilhelm down, Vusi puts him in his car and travels back to the city. Before he can reach his destination, he starts to feel the brunt of his injuries.

Slowly, he starts to lose consciousness, succumbing to all the wounds that Wilhelm caused, as ‘wild winds’ surround his car. Ultimately, Vusi’s decision to take the bribe from Wilhelm and let him go cost him his own life.

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