Wild Abandon summary and ending explained

Wild Abandon is a Turkish drama series that follows the story of an architect who starts living a secret life as a punk while his family deals with their crisis. It is now available on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Episode 1 starts with Oktay Uysal (Oner Erkan) waiting at an airport for his flight. He learns that all the flights are delayed due to extreme fog in Istanbul. He runs back to his house and sneaks in. He goes to the master bedroom and hides a goodbye letter he had written for his wife. 

The next day Oktay goes to the office. He is working in a penitentiary for Mr Berhudar (Haluk Bilginer). Mr. Berhudar wants to build the best prison in all of Europe and makes Oktay start the design from scratch. 

Berhudar also forces him to work in the place where the prison is being made. Oktay is extremely frustrated and vandalizes the site using spray paints. Berhudar thinks that this was done by terrorists and takes extreme measures to protect the place.  

Oktay leaves to pick up his father from Ankara and bring him back to Istanbul. Over there, Oktay reminisces about his teenage days when he was free and happy. He goes to a bar where he stumbles across an old friend, Fezvi. They drink together and he confides to Fezvi about how he tried to abandon his family. He cries, recalling his old punk days and how he had complete freedom. 

To take a break from his everyday life, Oktay books a hotel and roams around the street, dressed up as a punk. He wears a vivid pink hair wig and docks, a spiky leather jacket and a choker. He tries going to the club but doesn’t get inside. 

While searching for more punk lovers, he stumbles across Rubble and a couple who called themselves Deniz. He loves their rebellious, outcast vibes and wishes to be a part of them. He learns that they don’t have a place to live and offers an abandoned building to them. Soon enough, more people joined them and the building became their capital. 

Meanwhile, Oktay’s wife, Nil (Songul Oden) is obsessed with the idea of getting young. She is getting botox treatment for the same. She wishes to be more independent and applies for job interviews. 

After many interviews, Nil finally gets selected, but when she goes to work, she is informed that they thought she was younger. Heartbroken by this, Nil goes to a club and meets with a woman named Yamur. They quickly become friends. Nil lies to her and tells her she is working at a company called ORG.

Nil and Yamur start hanging out and partying together. Yamur introduces her to Suat. Nil is attracted to him and both of them flirt with each other. She lies to him and says that she is divorced. They share a passionate kiss. 

Nil wants to take time to figure out who she is and distances herself from them. She receives a call from Suat. He tells her that he is aware that she doesn’t work anywhere. This makes Nil paranoid and she tries ending their friendship, but he convinces her otherwise. 

Meanwhile, their elder son, Ege, who suffers from mental illness, has a dark secret too. He has been following a social worker for days. When she catches him, he fabricates a lie. He tells her that his mom lives in a shelter and his dad is in prison. As time passes, they become friends. 

The truth was when Ege turns up late for his exam. The social worker is the invigilator and does not allow him to give the paper, ruining his chance of admission to the university. 

Ege wants to ruin her and plans to inject his medications into her drink, so she fails her exams. He later decides to ditch his plan. 

The rest of the families were fighting their own battles, trying to hide their own secrets. But nothing could have prepared them for what was to come. 

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a complete breakdown.

Wild Abandon ending explained in detail:

The secret affairs 

Olcay, Oktay’s father, wanted to shift to Istanbul. His reason is that he is lonely after his wife’s death. But the viewers later learn that this was a lie and the reason he wanted to shift there was not so innocent. 

In reality, Olcay had fallen in love with his late wife’s caretaker, Sofia. Both of them had an affair. He had come to Istanbul to rekindle their romance but finds out that she is pregnant with his child. 

He is overjoyed and wants to be there for her. He wanted to be a better father to his new child. He convinces Sofia to come live with them at Oktay’s place. No one in the family is aware of their affair. Sofia wants to come clean but Olcay says that this isn’t the right time. 

The two secretly get married. Olcay is worried about his son’s reaction since he was very close to his mother. The two plan to leave this place soon and return to their hometown and start a family together. 

The punk-y night

Oktay learns that the mainland, which was a place for people to be free, a place that offered a home to all socially rejected people, had turned into a place of consumption. His friend, Mert, had started organizing parties, which were attended by rich people. 

Mert saw this as a way to earn money and continued his shenanigans despite Oktay’s anger. The outcasts once again had no place to live. 

All while this was taking place, Rubble overdoses on heroin and loses consciousness. Oktay and Deniz rush him to a hospital. He is checked into a private room. 

When Oktay goes back to the hospital to check up on him, he learns that Rubble has run away. No one knows where he is. 

He goes back to an abandoned building and runs into Fezvi once again. Fezvi is shocked to see Oktay in his punk attire. He gets mad and calls Oktay a fraud. He tells him that Punk is all about being true to oneself and complete freedom and not living a double life like Oktay did. 

Fezvi tells Oktay that he is a coward who can’t even be honest to himself and leaves angrily. Oktay has a breakdown and starts crying. It looks like he is regretting his action. 

The prison breakdown 

The following day, Oktay is back to working on the prison with Behrudar. He gets a call from Nil, saying that Ege’s psychiatrist wants to meet them. She comes to pick him up. 

Once they reach there, the receptionist asks them to wait in the waiting room. While they were sitting there, Suat enters the room with his wife. Turns out he was lying about his relationship status too. Nil looks worried. 

He still wants to be with her and texts her that since they’ve both lied to each other, they can ignore it and continue to be together. Nil denies it and tries to cut contact with him. But he sends her a video of them kissing. 

Suat starts blackmailing her. She angrily shouts at him and tries to block him but he threatens her that he knows where she lives and might drop her a visit. Nil is paranoid. 

Meanwhile, Ege decides to come clean and tell the social worker the truth. She is apprehensive about him and wants to help him. Ege declines but she is persistent. He is worried that his parents might learn about it. 

Back at work, Behrudar had to move Oktay’s car and find the letter he had written to Nil. He reads the letter and looks livid. He goes to Uysal residency and brings them to the prison on a gunpoint. 

He calls Oktay and tells him to come to the prison site immediately. Oktay rushes there and learns that Behrudar knows that he was about to abandon his family in the past. Behrudar tells Oktay his story and how he had been rejected by his family. He warns him to come clean about it. 

Behrudar locks him with the rest of the family and says that he won’t let anyone out unless Oktay tells them the truth. He then shoots himself outside the prison. 

Oktay comes face to face with his family. Nil is in shock and has a fight with him. She angrily slaps him. Oktay tries to tell them the truth but keeps getting interrupted by his family members. Everyone in that room has secrets that they are desperately trying to hide. 

The series ends with the scene cutting to Rubble, lying in a field. He has finally found a place where people could be themselves and calls it Returnistan. 

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