Wiktor Rosa: A Girl and an Astronaut character explained

In A Girl and an Astronaut, Colonel Wiktor Rosa is respected by Niko, but his own son, Bogdan, can easily see past his highly reputed image. Grzegorz Damiecki plays the role of Wiktor Rosa.

As pilots who serve the nation, Niko and his long-term friend, Bogdan, have to answer to Colonel Wiktor Rosa, who is also Bogdan’s father.

While Bogdan is not his father’s biggest admirer, Niko respects Wiktor. However, he is not aware that Wiktor has secrets of his own, secrets that involve Niko’s sister, Karolina.

Wiktor’s relationship with his son

Wiktor and Bogdan share a strained relationship. When tensions arise between Bogdan and Niko over Marta, Bogdan tries to outdo Niko in the field. He attempts dangerous moves, ignoring Niko’s orders, and ends up causing problems.

The two are called to Wiktor’s office, and Niko takes full responsibility for what happened, but Wiktor, who has already listened to the recordings, knows that Bogdan is at fault.

A Girl and an Astronaut Wiktor
Niko and Bogdan are summoned to Wiktor’s office

He praises Niko’s work and reprimands Bogdan once Niko leaves. This does not help Bogdan, who keeps losing to Niko at everything, which includes winning his father’s affection and praise. The two men get into a physical fight as Wiktor watches them from a distance.

Wiktor clearly favors Niko out of the two pilots. At Niko’s funeral and later, while talking to Karolina about him, he refers to Niko as the best pilot he has ever known. He looks at Niko as his son and calls him a flawless man, a real hero, and a patriot.

Wiktor’s secret

Wiktor is an abusive man; he hurts women who are in a relationship with him, including his wife. Bogdan despises him for abusing his mother; he even believes that his father does not care about his mother.

Bogdan is not scared of standing up to him and expressing how he feels about him to his face. He portrays his frustration and anger at him by deliberately running his car into his father’s car when he knows his father is looking.

As Wiktor is having an affair with Niko’s sister, Karolina, he keeps hurting her and leaves bruises on her body. As per their agreement, he can call her whenever he wants to sleep with her, but she is not granted the same liberty.

When she falls in love with him and tells him that she wants to be with him, he dismisses her without a care. However, years later, when he is old and bedridden, it is Karolina who takes care of him.

She stays by his side, even though he still hurts her feelings at times with his careless words; he talks about the kind of painful death Niko must have experienced, upsetting Karolina. However, he also apologizes for upsetting her, something that he would have never done before.

Even when Wiktor is old, the influence that he exercises is still the same. Marta, Bogdan, and Karolina seek his help when Niko reappears. Marta wants him to use his connection to bring Niko back home, and Bogdan needs his connections to save Niko and Marta from the FSB.

Wiktor Rosa acts and appears to be a virtuous man, but only the people who have suffered because of him know the truth about him and about the kind of man that he truly is.

He does not seem apologetic about his actions, even when his son confronts him about them, because he does not believe he is doing anything wrong. As long as the world does not find out his secrets, he does not care about them.

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