Why is Raheem after Lin in Shantaram?

A new threat in the form of Raheem is hunting Lin down for something he didn’t do. The ninth episode of Shantaram is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Lin found a new life in the slums of Sagar Wada, but at the same time, threats continued to loom over his head. Sometimes it is his friendship with Khader Khan, and sometimes it is Kavita trying to figure out who he really is.

At the end of the day, both of them stopped pursuing him. Lin was all set to leave Bombay until he realized that Raheem, someone he doesn’t even know properly, is hunting him down.

The first person to acknowledge this oncoming threat was Didier. After everything Lin has done for him, Didier wanted to protect his friend, and he did. The only problem is that Lin failed to recognize exactly why Raheem is after him.

Who is Raheem?

Raheem was a regular customer of Maurizio, and he used to buy brown sugar from him. Maurizio and his partner, Modena, made a lot of money out of this deal.

Everyone at Reynaldo’s took note of it, and eventually, Karla found out that Maurizio is selling heroin on Khader Khan’s turf.

Why is Raheem after Lin in Shantaram? 1
Raheem asks for ten kilos of heroin from Maurizio

In order to safeguard Lisa, Karla asked Abdullah to take care of this situation. Abdullah confronted Maurizo, and the latter had no choice but to get rid of the rest of the drugs he has.

Maurizio and Modena planned to sell their drugs at a low price and run away without paying Madame Zhou, from whom they bought these drugs. They even decided to abandon Raheem, who was left waiting for his package.

Maurizio directed Raheem toward Lin

Everything worked according to the plan until Maurizio revealed to Modena that he won’t be allowing Lisa to come with them. Modena was still in love with Lisa.

Without a second thought, he confiscated all the money they made and left Maurizio on his own.

While Modena took cover, Raheem came looking for Maurizio and threatened to kill him. He politely asked who the supplier is. Maurizio knew the consequences he will face if he takes Madame Zhou’s name.

Why is Raheem after Lin in Shantaram? 2
Raheem confronts Maurizio

Raheem was quite serious about killing Maurizio. He ordered his men to proceed, and Maurizio, in a desperate attempt to save his life, took Lin’s name.

Maurizio and Lin hated each other, and the former believed that Lin told Abdullah about his heroin deals. He assumed that Lin found out about it from Didier, who already knows about this deal.

Lin’s close friendship with Abdullah made Maurizio believe that Lin is trying to dig a hole for him. Karla had warned Lin that Maurizio won’t forget the way he insults him, and now Lin is paying a price for that.

With Raheem’s men hunting him down, Lin may have no choice but to turn toward his friends in high places, in the form of Khader Khan.

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