Who was hired to break Simón out of Baruca Hill and why?

Simón Lago is a serial killer who was arrested and taken to a Correctional Facility. While that was orchestrated by someone helping him, the same is leaked to other individuals who try to get him out of there.

Soon after Simón is processed at Baruca Hill, a small army of heavily armed men show up and insist on leaving with Simón while he himself has a counter for this situation with the kidnapping of Hugo’s daughter.

So who were these people that entered the facility with such precision and dedication and what were their motivations for doing so?

Men of the law

The men who appear at the forefront of the operation are Lennon and Ruso. The entire squad arrives heavily armed and functions like a well-oiled machine with a clear objective in mind.

Lennon executes 3 prisoners without any hesitation when Hugo doesn’t hand over Simón initially even though Ruso shows some empathy for them.

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Who was hired to break Simón out of Baruca Hill and why? 1
Lennon framed Rey for someone else’s crime

When the generator is switched on and Rey catches a glimpse of one of the men, he confirms that they are actually cops. These cops were the same ones who framed him for a murder committed by another influential person.

Silence is golden

Lennon learns about the job around the same time that news gets out of Simón’s arrest. He informs the others and it doesn’t take them long to get ready.

Once they enter, they’re taken aback by the resistance that Hugo and the others are putting up as they expected him to just give in to their demands given their resources.

Who was hired to break Simón out of Baruca Hill and why? 2
The mystery man who hired Lennon and his team

Lennon is shown communicating with a man on the outside who insists that Simón be captured and taken away before the night is out and when Sara is questioned by Hugo and Macarena under duress, she tells them that someone on the outside doesn’t want Simón testifying in front of the judge.

It is heavily implied that Simón has information on some really important people in high places who don’t want that information getting out.

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