Who really killed Han Jae-hui’s brother in Cafe Minamdang?

Han Jae-hui has dedicated her life and career to catching her brother’s killer but when a new body turns up, she learns that maybe she was wrong about the killer’s identity.

Prosecutor Han Jae-jung was Jae-hui’s brother and he was allegedly killed by Cheoi Yeong-seop three years ago before he escaped.

Nam Han-jun and Kong Su-cheol were framed in the same case and Han-jun has also been following the same case ever since his release. He tells Jae-hui that someone else is responsible for the death of her brother and makes a major revelation.

The key evidence

When Nam Han-jun meets Su-cheol for the first time after getting out of prison, he finds him in an office with lots of shaman paraphernalia. One of those items happens to be a white cloth tied up in a ‘Gopuri knot’.

Who really killed Han Jae-hui's brother in Cafe Minamdang? 1
Han-jun’s memory is jogged by a piece of cloth

Han-jun says that prosecutor Han’s killer was holding a similar cloth at the time of the murder and begins referring to the suspect as ‘Gopuri’ and deduces that they are either a shaman themselves or someone fascinated with shamanism.

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The reemergence of a suspect

After finding a body in the sewers with similar signs as prosecutor Han, Han-jun is sure that it is the work of ‘Gopuri’ while Jae-hui believes it is Cheoi Yeong-seop.

When Yeong-seop is found lurking in the area, Jae-hui chases after him but ‘Gopuri’ hits him with a vehicle and drives away. Yeong-sop survives, however, and Jae-hui and Han-jun set about trying to collect evidence to each support their theory.

Jae-hui finds all the conveniently placed evidence pointing towards Yeong-seop as the main culprit but Han-jun is steadfast n his belief that he was just a pawn in someone else’s game.

Who really killed Han Jae-hui's brother in Cafe Minamdang? 2
Nam Han-jun gets to question a prime suspect

He even confirms it while questioning Cheoi Yong-sop in the hospital and when Jae hui asks him how he’s so certain, he tells her that he’s actually seen ‘Gopuri’, which surprises her.

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