Who is Toya Todoroki? My Hero Academia character explained

‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 recently delivered quite a shocker in Toya Todoroki, the long presumed-dead eldest son of Endeavor, in a revelation that leaves the number 1 hero as well as the world bewildered.

Warning: This article contains light spoilers

‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 episode 11 ‘Dabi’s Dance’ sees the titular villain make a grand appearance during a precarious moment for the Heroes in the harrowing battle against the PLF.

Even grander, however, is Dabi’s shocking revelation that comes as a whiplash not only to the Pro Heroes but also to the rest of Japan. While suspected by many to be the case, Dabi’s real identity is finally confirmed in the anime by none other than the villain himself.

A formidable flame

Dabi has been one of the most notably powerful enemies of the Pro Heroes in ‘My Hero Academia’. While generally on the sidelines when compared to Shigaraki and All For One, Dabi’s quiet but intense aura has always lingered dominantly in the backdrop.

In the current arc, his involvement has become more dominant than ever as he defeats Number 2 Hero Hawks and now eyes at exacting his vengeance upon the number 1 Pro Hero.

Apart from his evidently strong quirk, Dabi’s aura as well as identity has always been elusive, with many wondering what countenance lies beneath those bandages. A prevailing theory already began making rounds, tying the villain’s backstory to the Todoroki family.

The mask-off

The theories all came to a significant point of confirmation in the anime in the latest episode, revolving mostly around Dabi and his madman routine of proclamation and revelation.

While the bandages over his face remain intact, Dabi pulls off the mask over his elusive identity, confirming himself to be a supposedly long-dead member of the Todoroki family.

Shocking not only his father, the number 1 hero Endeavor, but also Shoto, Deku, Bakugo, and the rest of the Pro Heroes present at the battleground as well as the rest of the country watching his recorded confession on their TV sets.

My Hero Academia season 6 endeavor shoto todoroki
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Dabi’s mask-off moment begins with him pouring liquid over his head, draining the black colour of his hair that he’s always used to hide his identity. With the shade of his hair changing from black to white, Endeavor’s face begins to lose colour as well.

While Dabi announces himself to be Toya Todoroki, Endeavour can’t believe his eyes and ears, as the traumatic memories attached to his past with his eldest son come flooding in, paralysing the mighty hero as he stands still in a singular spot.

A family in flames

Toya Todoroki was the first subject of Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor’s blind and the one-note quest for power. His unending thirst for the number 1 spot would go on to not just burn himself, but his family too.

As has already been revealed in the anime, Shoto’s mom is in the hospital after she was sent there by Enji because she poured hot water on her youngest son. This was because of the trauma her husband had subjected her to, as well as her kids.

Years of such trauma finally made her snap and she finally ended up at the hospital. As it turns out, the same thing happened with Toya Todoroki, which eventually led the boy to the path that ended with him turning into Dabi.

Endeavor wanted his kid to become the fiercest hero out there by combining his fire quirk with his wife’s ice quirk (which was also the reason why he married Shoto’s mother).

My Hero Academia season 6 toya
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When Toya was born, he inherited both of his parents’ quirks, with a surprising power that surpassed even his father’s. However, his tolerance to the flames was abysmal, having gained most of his tolerance against freeze.

Having failed to have produced the right successor to him, Enji had another child and another, and finally, Shoto, who had all the salient features and powers that Endeavor was looking for.

While he tried to stop his eldest from trying to follow his father’s dreams, Toya Todoroki’s brain had already been affected enough to move past the point of no return, akin to his mother’s later on.

Toya Todoroki persisted and kept trying his hardest to become number 1, eventually getting caught up in flames so hot they engulfed and charred not just his physical body, but also his psyche.

Toya would eventually go on to be rescued by the League and then Garaki would experiment on him, finally leading him to the fake and terrifyingly imposing identity that he’d don until the ongoing PLF v Pro Heroes battle.

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